If you need to throw a birthday party, wedding, baby shower or any special event in your backyard then here are a few words of advice to help your party go as smoothly as possible.

Whatever you are planning, one of the most important tips is to know the limits of your backyard. You have a rough idea in your mind about how many people you can comfortably fit in the back without causing a fire hazard. Keep that number in mind and do not exceed it.

Not only are you doing yourself a big favor by limiting your guests but you save your backyard from being torn up from the loads of people it is not designed for.

Yes, it is only for one day or night, however, you do not want to risk upsetting neighbors if the party gets too rowdy and it is important, for safety's sake, to keep your party guests to a minimum.

Your scenery in the garden is very important as well, after all, the whole point of a garden party is to show off your beautiful garden! Make sure you have all bushes trimmed and flowering plants in place. They are best for attracting attention and will make your garden more beautiful. Purchase some container garden planters if you need to and create a few focal points for your backyard if it looks a little bare.

You can easily move them around later on if you need to. Another good idea that you can use for centerpieces is to get some small garden pots and fill them full of flowers. They will go with your garden theme and create a warm and inviting setting.

Use small glass bowls and place a floating tea light in each one if you are having your party in the evening. During the day you can add some blossoms to the water and the flowers will float on top and look just as pretty.

If you are searching for a different theme, you can visit your local bookstore for some books to give you some garden party ideas. Some ideas to think about are fiesta themed parties where you and guests can wear Mexican dresses or inspired garments. Try a garden party in the evening and place shimmering lights all over your tables or hanging from canopies and use a fairy or butterfly theme. You can try decorating tables with pretty butterflies or whimsical creatures or spread glitter dust over your white tablecloths for a special glowy effect.

What about a nice Paris theme? Purchase some small Eiffel tower figurines or centerpieces and place them on tables. You can also serve pink pastries on delicate tiered dessert platters.

There are mermaid themes, beach themes, hawaiian themes and many other ideas you can use in your party.

What will you be serving your guests as the main course? If you are having a sit down lunch or dinner, you can consider things such as tea sandwiches, BBQ, hamburgers or hot dogs.

The meal does not have to be fancy and most of the time an outdoor garden party is laid back and casual.

If you plan ahead of time, you can have a fantastic and intimate garden party that your guests will love and always remember.