The Wii has always been a perfect platform for third party accessory and this time the Wii seems to be thankful to Thrustmaster T-Wireless NW controller for giving its players such flexibility and freedom to play non stop games on it. The NW wireless controller has been expressly designed to work with virtual game consoles which are usually purchased through the channel of Wii.


The wireless plug in doesn't occur in the Wiimote, rather it relies upon a dongle that easily plugs into the Wiis Gamecube controller port. This is a perfect alternative to any sort of other controller. Price is never a factor when you have such facility and reliability!

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Wireless controlling of Wii games have the real fun. You don't have the necessity to sit close to the screen and remain entangled with wires. You have the freedom to move any direction you like and sit in any position you wish to go on playing the games. Whether you lie lazily on a chair or lay overturned and play the games. If you wish to have such freedom for playing Nintendo games, bring home the Thrustmaster T-Wireless NW controller and try it in your wii virtual console.

I have this NW controller for my wii games and really it has provided me enough flexibility in playing according to my comfortable positions.

The Thrustmaster T-Wireless NW controller is perfect for almost all virtual console games and has a range of 30 feet. That means if you are sure that enemies would come in that direction, you can position your barrel and go on firing while you come out of room to sip water or juice from the refrigerator.

The Thrustmaster T-Wireless NW controller has been perfectly designed to provide comfort to gamers. It features customizable keys, D pad, mini sticks to control your game. The multi functionality of this wireless controller is something which will attract you the first moment and would give restless nights till you grab it for your games.

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