Tibia Sorcerer Guide for premiums

Level 8 - 15
Try to buy the newbie set (scale armor, brass legs, dwarven shield, steel helmet + wand) with the money you got in Rookgard.
In the oracle, choose Liberty Bay, Edron or Darashia as your city. In your city you are going to level up at rotworms. I don't like darashia caves because there use to be a lot of pk's. I think liberty bay's rotworm caves are the best. Go down to the third floor and kill all rotworms and get level 18-20 there.
If possible, make lootbags of maces and swords for extra cash. Don't forget to buy your spells.

Level 20-30
You can level at larvas or GS tomb in Darashia. I recomend to level up with a FIRE SWORD. Why? Because you can use the mana for making runes (HMM after lvl 25) and selling them.
Your eq should be: P-set, crown helmet, crown shield, fire sword + wand.

Level 30-45
Go to Port hope and make sure you have the flame strike spell (exori flam). Go to the jungle (north-east of depot) and level up there. The exp is like 20k/h. Kill everything with your fire sword but use exori flam with terror birds and slimes. You will not waste any potions, and the money there is ok. I take 1.5-2k from every hunt.
At level 45, spend a day or two making SDs for magic lvl and money. Buy blue robe, crusader helmet, blue legs and boh (if you can pay for them).

Level 45-65
Go to Kazordoon and level up in dwarf guards. They give great exp and can make you rich if you make lootbags. Kill them with WAND and use exori vis if necessary.
Try to go to hydras with a blocker. There, summon 2 ds and attack the hydra with wand + vis. The exp is great and if the blocker gives you some loot you will get great money.

Level 65-110
DRAGON LORDS. These are the best monsters for your level. Kill them with wand + exori vis and using magic shield. They give a lot of exp and a lot of MONEY. The money you invest in every hunt will be returned 5x or 10x

Level 110+
Have fun!