Social Media Marketing can be a lot easier if you know what tools to use. There are a lot of social networking sites that can be utilized by small businesses but why are they getting hook to this micro-blogging site, Twitter. It is easy to say that Facebook and Google + can help your businesses turn fans into potential customers. Have you ever think of new ways to engage with them?

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to post update 140 characters long. But how can you interact with limited words? Twitter connect business to what people are talking about in a real-time situation. According to twitter business, in order to utilize this social networking tool you must connect in context, listen and learn from users, grow and succeed through twitter ads and learn from others on how they engage with customers.

Twitter is a flexible, real-time platform that allows business to grow online marketing way beyond success if only marketers learn how to. Here is one of the most used promotional tactics that Twitter business has, for marketers like you and some tips on how to deal with it effectively.

Use Events to Engage

According to twitter, there are three events that can engage users to your business. It can increase brand awareness and connect you to a larger conversation at the same time.

  • First is the industry events, these are trade shows, seminars and conference that let people participate in to. Connect people who will be participating in your event by using hashtags that is relevant and attractive. These businesses with trade events make use of twitter more profoundly because they can corporately attract followers that may be interested on the event then to the brand.

  • Second is the seasonal events, these are events that happens every year. Engage people to your brand using creative hashtags to videos, photos and posts connected to the special event related to your product. Special occasions widely connect people because of the fact that it is actually happening.

  • Lastly, the cultural events, where in global, national or local events are reoccurring. It can be a worldwide competition in sport, fashion or talent search. More people on twitter are talking about latest happenings especially in famous competitions or awards night that they like to be updated to. Learn how to connect it with your product and update them relatively to it.


All of these events can be connected to your product; you just need to learn how to engage with your users about it. Twitter is a place to shout out your own opinion in specific events, learn how to make use of it. Just remember, twitter can connect to a wide scope of people and interesting events attracts their attention. Promote wisely, use hashtags and connect with popular interests and conversations.



Learning different strategies that can boost up your online presence is one way to a successful business. It is because of the fast changing technology that drives people to stay connected even without the face-to-face communication. That is why communication through social media sites is very effective if you know how to handle it. Events can attract people and events are relevant in a growing business you just need to have a perfect partner to promote it. Since like you have one now--twitter. Learn more strategies about it and expand your knowledge in building your social media presence.