5 pointers to think about when looking for a dentist

We dread having to make that first call or that first visit to the dentist. Let's admit it, finding a good dentist is not easy and who wants to do it. We want something cheap, quick, & easy. However the value of having a good dentist goes beyond just one visit. This article is to guide with key tidbits that hopefully will help you find a good dentist that meets your budget.

 1. Convenience

 If you’ve been leaving in an area for a long time or you just moved in, one thing that always serves you best is convenience. Let’s face it, we live in a society where instant coffee, instant food, instant messenger are all the social norms. However convenience alone without value is expensive. A couple of ways of finding a good dentist is by referrals and internet search. Some of the best referrals come from people who live and work around you for example; family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, your former dentist, local dental schools, or anyone whose judgment you trust. You can use feedback on sites like Yelp.com or dental forums to find whether the service offered by particular dentists was positive or negative.

 2. Having more than one option

Not all dentists practice with the same motive. There are some motivated by sales and the big money figure ignoring their patients, while others work with their patients to offer good and lasting service. Generally, you want to settle for the latter which you’ll find by visiting a number of dentists in your selection process. As you browse for your perfect dentist, you’ll be able to spot the real issues from the recommendations given, since some dentists might tend to add services you don’t need.

 3. Qualifications & style of practice

Do you prefer someone who is straight-to-the-point with no sugar-coating or friendly comforter? The style is important at the beginning however if someone can do the job to your liking then it generally doesn’t matter. The most important part to think about would be expertise. How long and how good are they at what they do? What are they specialized in? These are good questions to think about when you're visiting your local physician.

 4. Budget

Your dentist should specify a payment structure when recommending a treatment. Find out exactly what your insurance covers, if you don’t have insurance, all is not lost. Look into health care financing through your bank and other providers, deals from sites like Groupon.com, loans from relatives or even delving into your ingenuity to create some extra source of income outside of work.

5. Research

Ultimately the decision is yours on who you choose however a little research can make it a little less nerve-racking. You should never expect to get a good deal from being naïve because you’ll end up paying a bigger price. If a dentist recommends something, look it up. Get a general understanding of it and you’ll be ready for your 2nd and 3rd opinions. Online forums and review sites, advice from former dentists, are some of the better resources you can take advantage of while doing your research. Trust your judgement and decide only after you’ve weighed your options.


Hopefully that helps and best of success in your search.