Tiffany Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring is a once in a lifetime experience for most men that are ready to pop the all important question of will you marry me and you want a ring that speaks volumes. While there are many jewelers available, only one stands apart from all others and that is Tiffany – America's Premier Jeweler. Tiffany jewelery helps you to make a great choice in engagement rings that will suit your sweetheart and your budget with different styles and sizes available and of course, it arrives it the famous Tiffany blue box!

Tiffany and company are known the world over as The King of Diamonds for several very good reasons and why you should consider purchasing this important piece of jewelry from Tiffany's:

*First, it was Tiffany that created the first solitaire diamond ring setting as we know it today.

*The Tiffany diamond was set high up so that the most light could be reflected helping to see the full beauty of the stone.

*It was positioned with six prongs for security

*Tiffany is known as the premier authority of the finest diamonds in the world

*Tiffany utilizes more than the 4 C's for measuring diamonds (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat weight) and has their own gemology laboratory for even stricter standards

*Tiffany cuts diamonds for the maximum amount of brilliance

*Tiffany upholds a social and environmental stand in the choosing of all diamonds and stones

*Tiffany jewelry carries a Full Lifetime Warranty on all diamonds and provides a certificate of authenticity

*Tiffany offers payment plans to allow anyone to afford these uniquely spectacular stones

Tiffany Engagement Rings

The Tiffany Setting

This is the classic solitaire engagement ring that set the standard for all others, the most beautiful and the most brilliant of all settings from Tiffany jewelry and is available in .25 carat up to 2.5 carats. Choose platinum or 18 carat yellow gold.

Lucida Diamond Band

The Lucida is exclusive to Tiffany and offers an open style diamond band ring that gently sweeps two rows of curves around the featured stone with a center diamond similar to a square shape but, a Lucida. The Lucida stone is available in .3 carat up to 2.5 carats. The Lucida diamond band is available in platinum.

Tiffany Novo Engagement Ring

A band of diamonds channel set more than half way down each side of the band with a cushion center stone of brilliance held by four prongs and available in .3 carat up to 2.5 carats. Tiffany Novo is available in platinum only.

Tiffany Bezet Pear

A perfectly pear shaped diamond is wrapped with platinum in sizes .5 carat to 2.5 carats sitting atop a smooth and highly polished band for a uniquely exquisite engagement ring. The bezet pear engagement ring is available in platinum.


This Tiffany engagement ring is a wider platinum band with the diamond wrapped around four prongs and an additional band of platinum for a simple and more modern design.

Tiffany Legacy

For those that appreciate estate jewelry or antique engagement rings, the Tiffany Legacy has a center cut cushion cut stone engulfed by a wide row of smaller diamonds bead set all around. The bead set diamonds continue down the band roughly half way down each side for a bold and intriguing diamond engagement ring to become an heirloom piece for generations to come.

Choosing any of the Tiffany engagement rings will prove a great investment in your future and the ring will gain more value as the years pass. Tiffany will also assist you in purchasing your wedding bands that can match exactly or not, whichever you prefer. You will both enjoy admiring your most beautiful choice when you choose Tiffany – the King of Diamonds.

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