A way to warm up the decor in any room is with an antique floor lamp. By using antiques, not only will you have a decorative piece, but you will have an investment too. There are many styles of antique lamps, but the most popular one is a Tiffany Lamp.

Authentic Tiffany floor lamps are indeed collector's items. Tiffany lamps can cost several thousand dollars. These unique decorative items were made, starting in the late 1800's, to a period ending in the mid 1920's. These lamps were made by Louis Comfort Tiffany in his private workshop.

Tiffany wove intricate patterns with items he saw in nature. It is this eye for art, color and detail that make Tiffany lamps some of the most beautiful decorative accessories you can find for your home. They are a perfect accent to your interior design.

Perhaps authentic Tiffany lamps are a little out of your price range. A Tiffany reproduction could be used as a decorative accessory instead. A reproduction can be used to highlight a special area of the room. bringing in a little nature in the style of Tiffany.

Replica Tiffany Lamps can be found all over the web by click on links to searches and articles. It will not be long before you find an impressive piece shimmering with a kaleidoscope colors. Soon it could add a distinctive, illuminating style, unique to the style.

Floor lamps made by Louis Tiffany are highly coveted items that are rarely found outside of the museum. However, with a little searching, you a way to accent your home with a reproduction of the famous lamp makers art.

Replicas have been featured on home shopping shows for several hundred dollars. But if you check out big box discount chain stores, and click around online, you can actually own a genuine replica starting at twenty dollars or so.

Tiffany lamps are ever popular because they were created by a great artist. This is why they are coveted and have inspired duplication. If you cannot afford an original Tiffany lamp created by the Louis Tiffany himself, then perhaps you can support an artist who makes stained glass lamps in a similar, but unique style. Or you could look around online for a mass produced reproduction. You will not have to pay much for these.

Whether you get an original or a replica, there is no denying that a Tiffany Floor lamp would look great in your home.