Tiffany lamps continued to enjoy growing popularity. It is becoming fairly simple to find a Tiffany lamp with a design and style to suit your tastes. Tiffany lamps are made in all styles of lamps:
table lamps, floor lamps, hanging lamps, sconces and pendants. Once you have decided on style and type of lamp you want, you need to settle on a design. Tiffany lamps followed four basic designs:

  • Geometric
  • Flowered Dome
  • Flowered Cone
  • Wisteria

Geometric Design

Geometric designs are created by cutting glass into basic geometric shapes such as squares, triangles, diamonds, and rectangles. Tiffany used these shapes to fashion patterns after natural objects. The names of these patterns are: the Lotus Leaf, Acorn, Spider web, Parasol, Nautilus Seashell, Indian Basket and Turtleback.

These patterns are symmetrical and use one or two colors. It was the skill of Tiffany that made these patterns come alive.

Flowered Dome

Dome refers to the type of the shade. The shade is rounded like a dome and drape over the light. Many colors are used in this style of shade. Popular designs for this style of shade include the Dragonfly, Daffodil, Peony, Bamboo, Oriental poppy, Apple Blossom and

Flowered Cone

The flowered cone lamps are similar to the flowered domes. Both are symmetrical with the floral designs. However, instead of being a wide dome shape, the shade is more conical, typical of most lamp shades. It is through the use of color, design, and the shapes that Tiffany set his flowered cone shades apart from other lamps.

The Dragonfly, Oriental poppy, and the Peony designs can be found in both the flowered dome designs and the flowered cone design. The Lily Pad, Grape, Water Lily and Arrowroot are exclusive to the cone design.


One of the most popular designs for Tiffany is the Wisteria design. The design is so named because the finished lamp actually looks like a Wisteria tree. The lamp fixture is made to look like the tree trunk, and the lamp shade is made to look like the blossoming limbs. Further detail is added with branches and limbs hanging. The use of vibrant color and irregular edges makes this design stand out.

Tiffany lamps are a sought after collectible bought for high prices. Some original Tiffany lamps have commanded prices in the millions of dollars for a single lamp.

Fortunately, there are many Tiffany-inspired lamps available on the market for reasonable prices. Tiffany style lamps are characterized by the stained glass shades and decorative bases. Click around online and you will find a Tiffany lamp to brighten your home with its artistic elements and colorful designs.