The image of the tiger is a popular option in countries all over the world because of its character. Like the other big cats, tigers are perceived as courageous and ferocious. Although it symbolizes power, the majestic form also represents beauty, sensuality and passion. The innate hunting abilities also relates to speed and anger. What sets it apart from other big cats is its striped print. Even though the others can also signify the same qualities, the pronounced markings of tiger tattoo designs make it a definite favorite.

Choosing tiger tattoo designs is based on what meaning it serves the person who wants to get a tattoo. Without relating it to the person's individuality, it would be quite difficult to choose a specific design. Mainly the importance of finding meaning has a lot to do with the tattoo being permanent. If it is something that is solely as a fashion accessory then there is no assurance that it would not be a passing fancy. Removing tattoos is even more painful than getting one. Adding to that, it is also quite pricey.

People may be overwhelmed with the variations of tiger tattoo designs. Tattoos of animals can either be realistic or stylized. It can even be basic silhouettes if they wish to. People can also choose a certain style for their ink. For instance, the same image can be deliberately made to look more playful or more serious. Just browsing through pictures of the different poses and stances of tigers can help a lot.

A tiger can also have a more ethnic appeal if that is more appropriate for the look the person is aiming for. Some people also like the idea of having smaller versions of the main figure especially if it is a bigger piece of skin art.

Those who wish to have unique designs can also consider adding other symbols that are relevant to the main subject. People can choose to have the face or the head tattooed. For realistic designs, it is common to have bust figures of tigers. The size of the tattoo the person has in mind is also a big factor of how simple or how elaborate the designs should be.