Things are tough these days in all businesses and mine is no different. We are under a lot of pressure to meet sales goals in an environment when no one is buying. We need any edge we can get in staying positive and upbeat. Just yesterday around the water cooler, my colleagues and I were exchanging war stories and survival strategies for these difficult times and one colleague told a very interesting story. She claims that she bought a Tigger watch in part to help her maintain energy.

We all know the characters of Winnie the Pooh and the hundred acre wood. Winnie The Pooh is the soft and cuddly bear who will do anything for a pot of honey. His sidekick Piglet is an undersized pink pig who is far too insecure but extremely lovable nonetheless. Eeyore is the epitome of exhaustion. He appears to need to drum up energy just to talk. Tigger counterbalances him well. Tigger has energy almost in the extreme. He uses his tail to bounce around wood, a key part of his identity. In fact it was a memorable episode when Tigger lost his ability to bounce and could hardly function at all. Tigger is about energy and bouncing.

If we can harness just a little bit of Tigger's energy, imagine what we could do. This was my colleague's thinking. She would look to her wrist for inspiration when she reached a low point. She stopped short of bouncing around on her tail, a fact that her colleagues were sure to clarify. However, she said that it did add a spring to her step,

Indeed, it is true that some of the most simple things in our lives can change our behavior. Simply wearing an inspiring watch on your wrist, one as simple as a Tigger watch or perhaps even a Winnie the Pooh watch or a Piglet watch might make you smile. It might even inspire you to have more energy. A number of my colleagues now wear watches with their favorite childhood cartoon character. It was a simple and positive change for them.