Many career women consider pantyhose, thigh highs, tights, stockings and such items a requirement for the workplace. Some women actually appreciate leg wear and sing its praises.

Although some women continue to come to the workplace or even go on an evening out with bare legs, "Casual Fridays" seem to be disappearing from the corporate world, thankfully. Even with stilettos and dresses still in vogue, what is happening to the leg wear?

There are those women who say that just as neckties are constricting for men, so is leg wear for women. Some of us find it liberating, however, and feel that what we wear on our legs is just a continuation of the accessories, shoes and clothing that we choose to wear. Some women would not consider going to work with bare legs anymore than they would without out they make-up.

Women's leg wear is available in a great variety of styles, colors and designs, and offer something for every occasion and every mood. Anyone who doubts this can simply search a few online stores that exclusively provide high quality products to women. A brief Internet search will certainly show the following results:

Tights: From silky microfiber blends, to velvety cottons to warm wool items, the tights of today are available in an incredible variety of fabrics. Any outfit in your closet, can be complemented with fashion tights that can be found in prints and colors by the dozens. Whether showing some leg in warm weather, or keeping the winter chill away, it is easy to express yourself through your sense of style and fashion with a delightful pair of tights.

Pantyhose: Your aspirations, your apparel or your mood can be reflected in any of a myriad of choices from shimmery gossamer, industrial reinforced toes, from bright hues to neutral colors, and from opaque to ultra-sheer. There is no question that the right selection from the many choices in pantyhose puts the finishing touch on any outfit.


Holdups are just the thing when you do not want to wrestle with garters or bother with the panty part of pantyhose, but still want the silky feel against your skin. Thigh-highs will never disappoint you whether your choice is the soft silicone tops laying flat against your legs, or those with wide lace bands.

Stockings: Almost everyone is aware of the legendary allure of stockings, both for the feeling women have as they wear them and for the men that are attracted to them. The ultimate in femininity is surely stockings and garters, but once you choose a silk stocking, you would never want to wear anything else.

Body stockings: If you have never worn a body stocking, you owe it to yourself to try it. Although they are probably not appropriate for all occasions, they will give you a sexy and chic feeling just like stockings.

It would seem then, that with so many choices available, from fashion tights to a silk stocking and everything in between, going bare-legged is just missing out on a great chance to look great and feel wonderful. Every woman needs the right leg wear for the occasion to complete every outfit.

Office attire wearing stockings