Have you ever went to a party with a Tiki bar? You know how amazing everything can look when it is all set up with this type of cool theme. It puts you in the perfect mood to have some outside drinks and fun with family and friends. It would be great to have one of your own. If you want to purchase one for yourself the bamboo roof and umbrella will give your backyard that perfect tropical look that you can experience everyday by simply stepping out the door.

When you think of a Polynesian Tropical Tiki Bar theme, you tend to think of drinking exotic rum based liquors such as sipping the quintessential Mai Tai out of exotic Tiki mugs. You close your eyes and your mind slips away to the tropical islands of the South Pacific. You can almost smell and taste the Cantonese food wafting through the breeze. When you open your eyes, you are surrounded by Tiki torches lighting up the summer night. Now you know that you have arrived. How do I get there you might ask? First, and foremost, you must have a Tiki bar.

This Island Tiki Bar is the perfect choice. Can you imagine sitting out beside the pool at your own Island Tiki BarCredit: pwarlickTiki Bar with your friends surrounding you. This one is hand crafted from high quality bamboo and hardwoods. It is sturdy and attractive. It comes complete with 3 barstools and built in rack for holding glassware as well as sliding and fixed shelves for holding liquors and mixers. It has a beautiful lacquer finish that allows it to be used outdoors as well as indoors. It comes with two choices for colors. This one is the perfect Tiki Bar for entertaining a few friends at a time.

If you want to add to your tropical outdoor theme then get some Thatch Tropical UmbrellaThatch Tropical UmbrellaCredit: pwarlick Covers. These cover a nine foot umbrella and they are made from 14 pounds of real palm fronds. Use these to cover one umbrella or several umbrellas for entertaining many people.  With each addition of themed decor that you add to your backyard, the more the look will come together.  Now see how your backyard is coming to life and everything matches up perfectly.

Add other accessories to make your backyard oasis come to life. The Tiki Bar Shark Attack SignCredit: pwarlickTiki Bar Shark Attack sign can be mounted to the nearest tree and it will let your friends know the night is young and the bar is open. Throw in a Tiki Bar Kahuna Statue to complete your look. Now your landscape is definitely taking on a whole new look of it’s own. You can even find Tiki lights to hang in the trees if the Tiki torches don’t give off enough of a glow for your taste.

The last thing to remember is just as important as the bar, the Tiki ceramic mugs. There is Tiki Ceramic Hawaiian Luau Party MugsCredit: pwarlicksomething about the drinks that just don’t taste the same without the proper mugs with the little umbrellas peeking out of the top of the glasses. Now go ahead and put some music on and invite some your nearest and dearest over because you are just a little closer to paradise.