Did you know that with a few small adjustments with your tile flooring, it can actually make the room look a lot bigger? This is something that most people don’t know about and that is why I want to tell you about it.

The problem that many people have with tile is that they look at the price before anything else and when you do this you overlook some of the most basic things. I know that the price will be a big part of the overall purchase but my advice is to not make it the center of it. Trust me, having great looking tile that makes your room look bigger will trump cheap tile any day.

Tips To Make A Room Look Bigger

Use Bigger Tiles – One of the things that you probably already know about is using bigger tiles. The reason why you should use bigger floor tiles is because then you will have fewer lines and the less lines you have the bigger the room will look. My advice is to stick with tiles above 12 inches and if you can use ones that are bigger than 16 inches.

White Grout – Using white grout will also be a big factor in how big the room looks. The nice thing about using white grout is that it goes good with any color. The reason you need to use white is because the lighter your floor looks, the bigger the room will look.

Small lines – Something that I do with all the houses I do tile work for is use small lines in between the tiles. Some people like using quarter-inch grout lines by I highly recommend that you go even smaller than that. I would not go any larger than a 3/8 inch grout line but my favorite would be a 1/8 grout line. They are clean, easy to do and best of all make your tile stand out a lot more.

Diagonal lines – Now something that many people do for the design effect is use diagonal lines but this also works to make the room look bigger. If you don’t have a very big room then the diagonal lines will take people’s sight off of the walls and make them look at the floors. Trust me, this trick works better than you think it would.

If you can do these things then your room will look much bigger. Just remember that you have to buy the right floor tile as well and remember that sometimes buying cheap tile flooring does work just as well as the more expensive stuff.