A tile ready shower pan is the perfect solution to getting a waterproof shower without the hassles that come with making a shower leakproof. They are basically the modern day version of the more traditional shower pan liners that made for ceramic tiled showers. The reality is that if you want a traditional shower pan, then chances are, you will need to know a little about masonry or watch a lot of HGTV! And while even tile ready shower pans require a bit of skill, it pales in comparison to the other pan liners.

All of the systems will use a vinyl pan (as opposed to the more traditional shower pans) with a drain that is integrated straight into the pan itself. While the methods to installing a tile ready shower pan, the overall system is the same. The pan itself is actually the base of the shower and makes for a water proof shower.

The primary reason why people would choose tile ready shower pans is because you can start installing ceramic tiles as soon as the shower pan is in place. This makes for a faster install and many apartments and other buildings that require a lot of installation at once use these types of pans. The drain and slope is also built into the pan, making it perfect for draining water straight out of the box. The biggest downside to purchasing it is the price though. A tile ready shower pan can cost as much as having a traditional pan installed by a professional without the labor cost included.

Things to consider when you are looking at buying a tile ready shower pan....

Other than price, there are some things that you will definitely want to consider when choosing a shower pan. Here are some of the more common problems that homeowners face:
They buy a cheaply made shower pan- Everyone wants to cut corners. And while you can cut corners in a lot of places, choosing a cheaply made shower pan for price is not one of them. A cheaply made tile ready shower pan has some noticeable characteristics that you will see; the quality of the base, the size of the pan itself and the drain. If your shower doesn't fit any of these, expect to incur more costs because you will have to bring in plumbers and carpenters to fix the problem.

Make no bones about it, a tile ready shower pan is great because you can speed up the process if you are remodeling a bathroom. But what you get in speed and convenience, you will pay for in price and most traditional shower pan installs can be done, a lot of times, at the same price as the cost of the tile ready one for less. This said, it is perfect for the DIY homeowners that get a kick out of saying "I built that myself!"

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