Your home is an investment. There are people who say that it is an asset, and there is another group of people saying that it is a liability. Whatever your opinion about it is, a home is a home and a basic human need. Since we live in it, we might as well do a good job of decorating it and making it an eye candy. We do not want to wake every morning to an ugly home do we? One of the best ways to beautify where we live is by tiling our home. But not any tile will do. We have to choose the best tile to suit our needs and travertine tiles suit the bill very well, as many people can attest.

What is travertine tile? It is a mixture of marble and limestone. It is formed by water sources such as subterranean springs and underground rivers. These water sources carry mineral elements such as calcium carbonate that build up over long periods of time. Did you know that the Roman Coliseum uses this tile? Yes, this tile has been used for ages and has history to prove its worth.

What makes this tile popular? Apart from its stunning looks and beauty, it is known for its strength and durability. This tile comes in a wide range of different colors making it a top candidate for your tiling needs. It is also a tile that stands the test of time and does not break easily thus saving you amounts of money otherwise used for maintenance expenses.

If you are in a financial hole and at the same time looking to tile your home with quality tiles, then this is the best choice for you. Unlike marble that might cost you a fortune, this type of tile is cheap. It is also versatile. It can be used for flooring, on walls and on backsplashes.

Travertine tile flooring is a good option for your tiling needs. Since it is strong and durable, using it for your flooring is a logical choice. Its beauty makes it a strong candidate for backsplashes as well. If you do all the cooking for your family, you would want a kitchen that is pleasant looking.

This tile can also undergo several processes and become a more beautiful one. It can be tumbled to create a tumbled travertine tile. Other processes which it can undergo are honing, brushing, filling and polishing. Each and every process transforms the tile and creates a different look.

When choosing this tile, there are 3 factors you must consider. You must consider the size of the tile, the color of the tile and the usage of the tile. For example, if you are on a tight budget you might want to get larger tiles instead of smaller ones since they are cheaper and are able to cover a larger area.

Hence, using this tile is definitely a good choice. It is practical and gives your home a stunning and stylish look every home owner would love.