Tim Hortons is classic Canadian coffee shop. It's a coffee shop, but the menu is filled with plenty other delicious snacks, meals and beverages. After all, who can resist their delicious donuts, or the chilling Ice Caps? This article will overview the Tim Hortons Menu to give you a better idea of what to buy, next time you stop in your local Timmies.

On the Tim Hortons Menu

Coffee must be stated first, as it is the top selling and most renowned item on the menu at Tim Hortons. The coffee is served fresh, with a 20 minute guarantee. It is made with 100% Arabica beans, without additives or flavors.

You may be wondering, or at least should be questioning, if Tim Hortons coffee beans are grown sustainable. According to their website, yes. Their sustainable coffee program is in place to teach and to assist local farmers.

Other Beverages
iced mocha
- Coffee topped with (real) ice cream, chocolate syrup and whipping cream.
mocha iced cap - Similar to the ice cap (see below), but has chocolate syrup, whipped topping and chocolate drizzle added.
iced cappuccino - cool drink made with cream or 2% milk. Get the orginal or one of the flavor shots: French Vanilla, Butter Caramel, Hazelnut or Mint.
iced cappuccino supreme - this ain't no ordinary iced cap. It's supreme. It includes a whipped topping with a chocolate or caramel drizzel.
iced coffee - essentially what it sounds like. Coffee is brewed fresh, cooled and poured over ice. Feel free to add cream and/or sugar.
iced tea - orange pekoe tea is brewed fresh (like the coffee) and poured over ice. Again, you can add cream or sugar.
real brewed iced tea - Peach pomegranate and citrus green
other cold drinks - water, soda pop, fruit juices and more
specialty hot drinks - Think cafe mocha, French vanilla cappuccino or a hot smoothie (many different flavors)
hot chocolate - the classic and delicious drink. Served all year round, but perfect for a cold winter day.
tea - in various flavors.

Snacks and Baked Goods

Not so Healthy on the Tim Hortons Menu

Donuts - are a staple of the Tim Hortons menu. Many different kinds, including the classic mainstays on the Tim Hortons Menu.
Timbits ® - They are a customer favorite on the Tim Hortons menu. Bite sized donuts in round balls, essentially. Many different kinds.
Cookies - Various kinds. Very sweet, very delicious.
Pastries - Wide variety of options, from croissants to danishes.

Healthier Options on the Tim Hortons Menu

Yogurt and Berries - overpriced for what you get ($2.00), but tasty
Bagels - not all the options are healthy, but a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter isn't so bad.
Muffins - Ranging from healthy options to the triple chocolate muffin, these are pretty delicious. Great compliment to coffee.

Sandwiches, Soups and Chili

Various kinds of sandwiches to meet all your cravings. From a bacon craving to a desire to eat healthier, something on the menu at Tim Hortons should satisfy. There are a range of options of customization. For example, you can opt out of mayo and get ranch dressing. The sandwiches are made with fresh ingredients on great home-style buns, white or whole wheat. On the Tim Hortons menu they specify which items have less than 8 grams of fat.

For a snack, consier a wrap snacker. They are available with many different fillings, from BBQ chicken to tuna salad.

The soups and chilis are comfortable, to say the least. They are made with fresh ingredients and are usually quite good. The chili is never runny, but thick and full of ground beef, kidney beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and so on. There are plenty of varieties of soups, so be sure to check the menu at Tim Hortons for your favorite. I would recommend the minestrone or hearty vegetable.

The soups and chili are available in a combo meal, together with your sandwich.


Bagel Belt - layers of bacon, lettuce, egg tomato and cheese between a bagel.
Hot Breakfast Sandwich
- On a biscuit or bagel, bacon or sausage, cheese and an egg patty.
Breakfast Wraps
- wrapped in a tortilla, sausage egg and cheddar cheese.
Homestyle Hash Browns
Whole Apple
Or any of the items above, including muffins, bagels, yogurt cup, donuts and coffee

Hope this helps you next time you peruse the Tim Hortons menu!