Timberland Nellie Premium Boots

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The Timberland Nellie Premium Boots come in a nice array of colours which is one of the best things about them. People who buy a pair love buying a colour that suits them and they don't think no one else has. Some popular colours are the classic wheat, Navy, Red, pink, bubblegum, Black and much more. The baby pink Timberland boots are extremely popular with many women at the moment but its really up to you to decide which colour you think is best. Another popular colour is the Purple Timberland boots so you might want to check those out too.

Remember, Timberland Nellie Premium Chukkas are also popular and are extremely comfortable, durable and also stylish too. The best thing is that the boots are waterproof which is great as even during wet weather you know your feet will be completely dry and very warm too. Most people who own a pair of Timberland Nellie Boots have all said they have got many years of use out of them and they still look really great.

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