Anyone can have a successful home business if organized properly from the beginning. Many people have found that it is not as easy as it sounds because they did not do their research into the pros and cons before starting their business. If you or your family members become ill, the work still has to go on; or at the end of the week, there is no money to pay the bills.

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This is where time management is very important. Without good organisation it could fail. Every business needs to put plans in place; your intended business is no different. Time is money; therefore, before starting, be honest with friends and family and say that in future the weekends is the best time to catch up with you from now on. Do not fall into the trap of being nice to your friends in fear of offending them; your business comes first.

Benefits of working from home

  • No travel time
  • Less fuel expenses
  • Wear neat casual clothes saving you money on clothing
  • Work your own hours.

The disadvantages of working from home:

  • Being Organized
  • Illness in the family
  • Juggling home and family is not easy
  • Interruptions from friends
  • Organizing school and home
  • No work no money
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Time management skills to keep you in control


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Know your priorities

Prioritize your workload - Keep an organizer on your desk and list the most important tasks first. Then add the lesser ones. Include time for calling suppliers or placing orders, billing, paying accounts, banking and unexpected visits from clients. Allow time for promotion of products and sales.

Most importantly allow at least ten minutes every hour to get up from your desk and walk about. This will not only keep the brain more alert, it will recharge you for the more difficult tasks ahead.

Plan for tomorrow

Before you finish for the day, make a to-do list for tomorrow. Remember to prioritize the tasks in order of importance. That way you can relax knowing you have organized everything in readiness for tomorrow.

Time spent away from office

All businesses need time away from the office whether it be purchasing equipment or delivering orders. Take your mobile phone with you to prevent missing important business calls. You need your business organizer with you to confirm appointments if someone should ring and avoid double booking an appointment.

Allow time for family before work

Manage time with the family before they leave for work and school. Never neglect your family, as they need your love and attention too. It is very important to keep work at home and family separate.

Telephone Skills

Treat your clients in the manner you would like to be treated. Be courteous, considerate and respect them at all times. Never keep people waiting longer than necessary, offer to call them back if there is a problem.

Internet and email

Home businesses with internet and email can save you time and money. Ordering is easier these days with the push of a button web pages and emails. No more snail mail. Paying accounts is easier with internet banking, or if you prefer, use the more secure PayPal.

Learn to delegate

Working from home has its own problems. Learn to delegate household chores. You may need to employ a housekeeper to do the washing and ironing or prepare meals, which is a tax deduction. By employing home help, you have more time to spend with your family.

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Other things to do

Here are a few more things you can do:

  • Time - Understand where you waste time, and fix it. Time wasted is money lost.
  • Private Phone calls – If you have staff , discourage private phone calls.
  • Set goals - Improve product sales, offer better services than your opposition, like pick up or personal delivery, this will depend on your type of business. Have magnetic business cards, Many people put them on the fridge.
  • Improve your filing system - Keep things in set folders for incoming and outgoing products on computer or filing cabinet.
  • Remove clutter – keep things in their proper place, one invoice mislaid will reduce your profits. Accounts and papers spread all over the desk could be lost. File everything in its proper place.
  • Designate - an allotted time for different jobs
  • Children  - will not understand why they cannot run in and out the office expecting to get your attention. At the same time, clients do not want to hear children crying or fighting in the background while conducting business.
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Time management skills will keep your home business running smoother. Yes, it is harder to organize because you are in a home environment. Although by following some of these ideas not only will your business be more efficient, you will have more time for your family and save money in the process.

It is this learning process of time-management, which will make a big difference whether you succeed or fail in your new venture.