What is Time Management?

Time Management, just as the name indicates is the ability to be able to manage it in a productive manner so that goals and objectives can be achieved.  Time is an equal opportunity provider.  Whether you are rich, poor, old, young, female, male, black or white, we each have only 24 hours in the day.  Now it can be argued that each of us has more or less time on this earth, but that beyond our control to a certain point as well. 

Some people say “I have wasted time doing this or that”.  I say it is not wasted. It was not used appropriately.  Waste is a by-product of using something.  The person who says they have wasted time has not “used” the it appropriately so there may be more waste. Waste is the result, not the action. 

 I would also venture to say that we all have not used our time appropriately or effectively all our lives.  Optimal use of our time is a goal, but Life takes over at times and there are stumbling blocks that we must cross. These stumbling blocks are most of the time of our own making.  Time managementCredit: brightsourceit.com

Our effective management is essential to being able to achieve your goals.  Some people live paycheck to paycheck and that can bring upon an awful amount of stress.  Using the same theory, people live out their lives waiting for the next thing to happen instead of taking an active role in making things happen.   

Time Management and Goals

Time management is similar to goal-setting, just on a very brief term.  If I was to add the to-do list concept to the type of goals we discussed it would be before short-term goals.  I would call the to-do list a brief-term goal. The to-do list is not as complex as goal setting, but is as important and the very nature of setting goals.  You will not be able to achieve any of your goals if you do not plan AND have the time to do the goals.  Making a to-do list will help you achieve better time management skills.  So with that in mind having good time management skills will help you achieve more of your goals. 

GoalsCredit: www.empowernetwork.com Time management problems come in various forms. The most common occurrence of problems of effective management is that we fail to plan for things at all.  A lot of people take just take things as they come to it.  The problem is if other more enticing things are along the way the specific objective that the person wanted to achieve does not get to them.  It is always put on the back burner until a later date or hour.  That later date or hour can be too late and the objective never gets done or is done half-heartedly.  This can lead to poor performance on the tasks.  In some causes the consequences can be significant.  Loss of job, loss of money, and loss of making a better life for themselves and their family.  In a lot of cases the poor performance may not be directly life altering but can cause a snowball of other occurrences that can add up.  These poor performances can cause the person to appear to be untrustworthy and it fact most of the time they are.  Not because of the desire or intent to be but because they do not achieve the objectives that others expect for them.  This can be a loss of integrity.  Nobody wants someone who does not have integrity to be working for them. 


Should you be concerned with Time Management?

When people think of time management they tend to think of objectives that need to be done in the workplace.  We have more time outside of work and that time needs to be planned for and managed as well.  I have never seen a grave marker that said “I should have spent more time at work.”  

These management technique could be applied to school, family, and leisure time.  As a matter of fact Time management strategies should be applied to every facet of our lives.  The Bible says our days are numbered.  We do not know the specific number.  However, our day is finite and we know there is only 24 hours in that certain day.  We have to learn to use the lives wisely.  The difference between a successful person and a person that is not specific has nothing to do with time but instead how the same it is spent.  Time management is only one step, but an important step, to becoming a successful person.

For Future Articles

In the rest of this series of articles we are going to cover the areas that you should be implementing time management in.  You will notice, and again not by accident, that the management areas are similar to the goal setting areas described in other articles.  We are going to discuss in what category certain objective should be placed.  Then we are going to make out a sample effective schedule using the example we discussed.  It has to be written out.  This is an important step to getting your life in line and start USING your time instead of wasting or not used appropriately. 

All the areas discussed in these articles will apply to all people.  However, just as we are all different people, the importance, emphasis, priorities, and amount used in each area will different.  In addition, each of us will have our own unique objectives under each major area of life.  Balance in lifeCredit: tickledbylife.comThis is a good thing.  How boring would the world be if we were all a like?  On the flip side, how competitive would every facet of our lives be if everyone had the same goals?  Fortunately we all have different niches and that supplies all the services we need to allow everyone to have the ability to the pursuit of happiness, which the United States Constitution and so many other constitution say are unalienable right.  We are a product of our decisions.  And your decision to become more successful is allow you to pursue that happiness and create a better life and a new found liberty that may been behind closed doors up to this point in your life. 


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