What will a time management workshop do for you and your career? Are they worth it? Developing great time management skills are, in my opinion, an absolute MUST when it comes succeeding in almost any business venture or endeavor in life. In fact, learning to manage your time effectively could be the number one way to get things done, achieve all the success you want in life and live the life you have always dreamed about.

Everyone has exactly the same number of hours in a day - 24 hours, whether you are Barack Obama, Warren Buffet, an emergency ward nurse, a baby or the street sleeper round the corner.

How are YOU using that time? Some use their 24 hours highly efficiently - making a list of what they want to achieve in those precious hours and getting through it.

Others..well others waste that time away. Waste seconds which turn int minutes which become hours, days, weeks and sadly years. They say the biggest time waster online these days is Facebook. I can't even begin to imagine how many weeks, maybe even month's worth of hours I have wasted writing pointless status updates or watching someone else's rather boring vacation video. For me it may be Facebook, for others it's Twitter, MySpace, StarCraft, emails, YouTube and I could go on. Who really cares what shoes Paris Hilton is modelling on Twitter today? Sigh. I shouldn't care, but I go check anyway.

But do you need a time management workshop? Could you read one of those time management books instead? Of course you can, and there are some excellent reads about. My personal favorite one is Dave Allen's "Getting Things Done" and also Vince Panella's "The 26 hour day". Not to mention Tim Ferris's famous and controversial The Four Hour Workweek even though I'm living the Forty-Would-Be-A-Short-Week-Workweek. These are all fantastic books, filled with useful advice.

However, a time management workshop gives you something that a book simply can't. They bestow a sense of accountability - you feel you have to achieve something by the end of your time management course because you have a facilitator and your fellow attendees pushing you on. And you are with other people who want what you want - better time management skills - so you can share thoughts, feedback, ideas and feelings. A book can't answer you back and give you additional insights based on their personal experience.

So time management skills training courses can be a key part of your learning. I wish that schools had this as part of their core curriculum. So if you are thinking of attending such a time management workshop, go for it. I think you have nothing to lose and it all to gain.