Organizing your time as an Internet based writer can be hard. You need to make sure that you can access your email and Facebook so you can network with clients and potential clients and keep in touch with current clients yet email, Facebook, and other websites can often lead to a huge distraction and keep you from being able to accomplish any work. Here are some tips on how to organize so that you can write articles and blog posts from home.



Efficiency is the key to any workflow. If you need to look up something in your email for the article you are writing then do it but do it quickly. Don’t dink around and spend 10 minutes or more in in your email for the article you are writing then do it but do it quickly. Don’t dink around and spend 10 minutes or more in your email when you simple need to get something for the article you are working on. Get in and get out. The sooner you finish your article then the sooner you can write your next article and then you will continually be increasing your income. If you are online for 8 hours but only actually write 1 article that is 500 words then you are not being efficient.



If you prioritize your work then it will be much better for you and you will meet your deadlines more consistently and with less pressure. If you have a project that is due in 2 days then it is much better to prioritize that article to write ahead of an article that does not need to be submitted to the client until the following month.

Set Daily Goals

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Setting goals is vital to the success of many people who write articles online; however the goals are not always set properly. If you set your goals to an annual goal then you may struggle to stay motivated but if you make daily goals then it is much easier to reach your goals because the daily goal will not seem like it is an impossible goal to reach. If you have a goal of earning $50.00 writing articles it is much easier to achieve psychologically as opposed to a goal of $20,000 for the year. Although mid-range and long-range goals are vital, they are reached by setting modest daily goals and then achieving the daily goals on a regular basis.


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Distractions can keep you from focusing on your article writing. If you want to get work done then you need to eliminate negative distractions. If your dog keeps jumping on you to play or your kids keep screaming then it may be time to separate yourself from the situations so that you can actually focus and accomplish some work. Sometimes you may not be able to separate yourself from situations such as if you were a stay at home mom who is writing articles online for extra money. If this or a similar situation describes you then it is vital that you still ensure that you meet your deadlines.

Not all distractions are bad. Some people cannot focus on their work if there is music playing but other people tend to get motivated and are able to focus on their work much more consistently when they have a music service such a Spotify streaming their favorite music.

Cut Down Research Time

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Of you have a choice of doing an article about a topic you know a lot about but or an article that you do not know much about but the client pays much more than you may prefer to take the higher paying article. Although increasing your earnings as an article writer is important, you may find that you can actually earn much more money with the article topics that pay less because you will need to do little to no research. If you can type out these articles superfast and they do not require any research then your earnings can rapidly build up if you stay organized.

Wasted Time

If you are the type of person who has to say use the bathroom multiple times in an hour so you do not wet your panties then it may be more efficient for your to set-up your office area near the bathroom so that you do not have to spend 5 minutes walking to the bathroom from your office every time you need to go. This will save you a lot of wasted time, but on the other hand it may be much better for you to take an occasional walk to the bathroom to give you a small break from typing constantly. You need to figure out what works best for you and cutout the time wasting efforts.


Typing is the main part of any article writer’s job. If you feel more comfortable with a different style of keyboard then go ahead and invest in it. If your current keyboard is too large, too small, or simply does not feel right then you can increase your writing efficiency by buying a keyboard that you are comfortable with. A comfortable keyboard will allow you to write quicker and accomplish more work in less time. A good keyboard you are comfortable with will literally increase your earnings because you are able to write so much more.


While you are buying a new keyboard it will also be very beneficial to invest in a new chair for your computer desk. If you are not comfortable with your computer chair then it will hurt your back and you will be forced to take additional breaks away from your work so that you can stand up and stretch your muscles. If you have a comfortable chair that is also very supportive then you can take fewer breaks to stretch your muscles and it will also lead to a much higher productivity rate when you are typing out and researching your articles.