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Time is one thing that we can never get back.  For entrepreneurs who are on the go there is never enough time in the day for all of the projects that are occurring around us.  Our time saving tips will not give you hours of extra time each day.  In the world of small business we all know that is not possible.  What they will do is create awareness on how to save time and will account for minutes throughout your day.  These minutes will only pay off if you are consistent in your efforts.  Consistency will allow the minutes to turn into hours over a period of time.  For those of us who are not yet driven by efficiency and do not take advantage of every single minute in our day, these tips are for you.

Time Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs

Morning time can be a productivity killer.  Waking up and getting started on a new day is not always the easiest thing.  To get going early always set two alarms.  You will hear a lot of tips telling you to set alarms away from your bed so you are forced to get up to turn the alarm off.  It does work, but this is for people that do not want to get up and start the day.  True entrepreneurs will wake up to their alarm ready to go to work.   They know that each project could be their next big break.  The real reason to set two alarms is to have a backup in case you accidently set your first alarm to p.m. instead of a.m.  This happens way too often when using cell phones. 

Have your clothes laid out and ready to go when you wake up.  Yes this is what mom used to do for you when you were little and she did it for a reason.  To save time!  Mom didn’t want to spend 15 minutes helping you find your outfit first thing in the morning and you shouldn’t want to waste the first 15 minutes of your day doing this either.  It’s all about creating a routine. 

When it comes to breakfast do what you can the evening before to get things prepared.  Have your coffee pot set up so all you need to do is press start or set it up automatically to brew at your desired time.  Set out your bowls and utensils.  Know exactly what you plan to have for breakfast.  Do not waste 5 minutes trying to decide if you are going to have cereal or toast. 

Decide on the exact time you want to start work in the morning.  Pick a time that works for you and that can become routine.  Write yourself notes or any type of reoccurring reminder on this time.  Starting something new is always hard.  You will have to be disciplined and force yourself to start work at this time every day.  For people working on their own schedule and not at the office this can be very hard.  Do not allow distractions to stop you.  Put in the effort to start these time saving routines.

Tips to Save Time for Entrepreneurs

Times saving tips are easy to read about.  Following them and making them routine are not.  You will have to be disciplined.  Small distractions will lure you away.  Saving minutes at a time may not seem worthwhile.  You must remember that minutes now will be hours later.  


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