Palestines full time UN Candidature will augur well for the peace process in Middle East

After decades of civil unrest and vitriolic relations with its neighbor Israel , Palestine is leaving no stone unturned in its bid for international recognition as a state. It recently applied for full UN membership and as expected Palestine’s demands evoked a mixed response in the International Community .. The pro Israel countries like USA and Great Britain vehemently were against any such move while Palestine's cause recieved  strong backing from China and Russia. However, despite numerous roadblocks, Palestine managed to pull off a major coup by getting admission as a full time member of UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization)

To get their demands fulfilled presently there are two recourses that Palestine can avail. The first one is UN’s security council and the next one is the general assembly . The first option will automatically fuilfill their demands but in all likelihood this is not a viable route to take, as there will be obvious US opposition and subsequent possibility of a veto. The second option is to urge 193 the member General assembly (where no nation has any vetoing power) to change their current status to a non member state- a situation often referred to as the Vatican Option.

This upgradation will be a giant stride from Palestine’ s perspective as it will then have the power to join several international organizations . A favourable resolution would also augment Palestine’s claim to be a state. More importantly , it would conform some sort of political equivalence with Israel . It will also boost Palestine’s negotiation clout and Israel will be left with no other option but to come back to the negotiation table and once contemplate on a two state solution which is a desirable end for the entire world.

Apart from that, joining several other international organizations would also be extremely beneficial for Palestine . For example International Criminal Court can aid Palestine in their dispute with Israel over occupied territories. It would also successfully thwart Israel’s punitive military actions in West Bank and Gaza. Although questions can be raised over ICC’s actual clout in international politics, nevertheless such memberships will grant Palestine greater visibility and political muscle .

The statehood demands if turned down will potentially disrupt the peace procee in the Middle East and will only fuel Israel’s bullying approach . So a full UN candidature of Palestine is something that will bode well for the peace process in the Middle East


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