1) Everyone has the same number of days in their week, the same number of hours in their days, and the same number of minutes in their hours. But despite that, and perhaps fortunately, not everyone's time is worth the same. Some are more equal than others. In life, you'll see that different periods of time are valued rather differently. With a bit of work, you can add extra value to your minutes.

2) Free time isn't free Despite what people may think, free time is actually worth a lot more than they had estimated. It has to do with the concept of opportunity cost, or what you could otherwise do with the time that is available to you. An easy way to gauge that value is to put a price tag on it. A better way would be to look at it more holistically and take some to think about it. Some time slots are of fixed value. There are only so many things that one can possibly do, for example when one is walking to the nearby grocery store. But for things like commuting, one can tag along quite a bit of extra stuff to squeeze that extra value out of the time.

3) Making more of time There are many types of activities one has to engage in throughout the course of the year. They can easily be split into two categories:

4)Passive Activities At one end there is the vegetative state, at the other there is careful subtle enjoyment. The first part involves things like stoning at the tv set, the latter involves calculated passive activities that will eventuate in setting into motion events in the future. One possible item that would lie in between the two ends of the time to expense cost spectrum would be perhaps downloading a show. There is initially the outlay of activity, you have to undertake research to develop the infrastructure, like getting a new hard drive, or getting a proper software to stream it or to download it, and then you have to find a way to streamline the process of obtaining it. But once you have done that initial step, you're all done, you merely have to wait for it to finish downloading before you can enjoy it. Of course, once it is in the downloading phase, it is time to let it go and do something else until the download is complete. This works the same for many things, such as passive income, or stocks. Some things need to be set into motion, and be patiently waited out.

5)Active Activities But what should you do when waiting for processes to eventuate? Naturally, you'll be taking advantage of the time to do active activities. Taking a bath is one such possible way to utilize the time. Anything that requires your continual input is an active activity. The best way for some stuff, is to outsource the tedious and menial work out. It might cost you some money, but if the time and agony saved is more than worth it, then you should start to consider such stuff. On the other hand, if most of your income sources are passive, then you might consider tagging more active activities in between. Perhaps part time jobs from working online. Or something as simple as improving your email productivity

6) Combining them in an efficient manner
-Figure out what your passive activities are
-Start doing the initial outlay to set them into motion
-Start doing the active activities
-Wait for the passive activities to eventuate
-Roll in the rewards

Remember to look at time as an expense!