I have a blog called timeisanexpense and its original purpose was actually to give support to my web2.0 properties that is infobarrel. After a while though I realized the power of a wordpress 9.0 Rank really didn't make a difference in giving any juice or power at all to infobarrel as infobarrel was really strong on its own and it was only later that I found out that the so called P Rank doesn't really mean a thing at all, not a single bit of it. In the end, the nature of the blog became one that was such to be a place where I could spout random stuff without worrying about meta factors. Nowadays I post on it to relieve the happenings and ruminations of the day, without fear of dilution.

As to why I chose the name to be that, that is a different matter. It basically signals my belief that one's own time is actually a valuable good, and that every second that goes by is an expense, one that should be channeled into asset management and creation instead of being dumped into bad liabilities such as certain mindless activities for example stoning watching mtv for a few hours every day.

Time is of course self explanatory in that everyone is subject to it, experiences it every single day and of course is using it every single second, minute and day. It is a part of everything. It is also one of the few things that cannot be bought per se, although you could perhaps be said to buy time if you use a credit card to skip a long que outside some cinema or arthouse by virtue of their promotions.

There are of a matter of course different ways to categorize this very time. For example some would think that there is time that cannot be affected, that is fixed time costs in certain matters such as commutes. The most important fixed time costs would actually be that of sleeping as that is what refreshes your mind which is the key resource required to keep a steady flow of money into your bank books every month or week. Keeping your mind fresh is thus really in your interests. In times where time is short, sleep is probably not the best thing to cut from your daily life.

Another fixed time cost that people believe is fixed is actually instead somewhat variable. This cost comes actually from that of commutes. It makes a difference if you happen to be in a city or country with an efficient public transport service. There is of course another caveat that which is your work requires a scalable element or alternatively that your hobbies or part time passive income flow requires some measure of portability. That is instead of spending money on an expensive car and ever increasing petrol, it is time to start considering the notion of letting your time work for you. When you are driving a car, you spend valuable attention span and time navigating the entire journey. In contrast, if you take a single bus that may take 1 hour instead of 30 minutes that is the time by driving, you are able to use that 1 hour fully to read say a finance book or to check your email as well as to draft new letters on a 3g iphone or ipad. You could also draft sample expense report. And that is basically the idea that goes into time being an expense.