Do You Use your Time for Money or Money for Time

Silly question or a vague question – we all think we know what money is. After all we use it several times each and every day. We need it, want it and cant comfortably live without it. Having money can stop bad things from happening or bring the things we like and enjoy. Money enables us to indulge or pamper ourselves. Most of us spend a great deal of energy contemplating how to get more of it, what we want to buy with it or how many debts we have accumulated while wanting it now. Whether through lack, excess or making do, money makes a huge impact on us all as individuals.

So what is money really?

You may say, money is just a method of exchange? And we do hand over our money willingly in exchange for goods and services. It is not the way we use money, (though good money habits certainly assists  in a smooth passage through life) or what we get in return that is of utmost importance. The important question is what are we giving up in order to receive a repetitive money stream each payday. 

When we work for money we are exchanging our time on this planet for currency, notes and metal alloy coins. We use moneys buying power to satisfy our needs for shelter, food, clothing, and transport. Our wants for the extras like entertainment and holidays come in a close second. Each time we make a purchasing decision, do we give a thought to the limited resource we exchanged for the beautifully packaged trinket, we just had to have. 

Our time is a limited resource, once spent is it gone forever. We cant put our time on the credit card, or book it up on account, to pay later. As each day passes it never returns. The clock is ticking towards our life checkout date. Most of us willingly exchange our most valued and limited resource, time, for money. Is that a fair exchange? I dont think so, especially if, at work you are habitually watching the clock for knock off time, then down your tools and run. If you are treading time until home time, take a closer look at what your lifetime means to you. Unless, what your are spending your time DOING, nourishes your spirit , your heart or your mind and body, I venture to suggest that the exchange of your time for the dollars to roll in may well be a highly undervalued exchange of a precious resource. Your time!