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Sometimes it is difficult to decipher a man’s actions. One minute he’s sweet, then the next minute, he’s already out of the door. Do you feel that your man has been acting strange these days, acting as if he’s slowly slipping away? If so, you need to make sure that he still loves you before it’s too late.

He says he needs space

If your boyfriend starts asking for some space, it’s probably time to take a long hard look at your relationship because really, why would he want to be left alone? There is a reason (or reasons) behind this – maybe he doesn’t enjoy your company anymore, or you’re doing something that he doesn’t like.

What do you do? Ask him why he wants to take some time off from your relationship – calmly. Never nag or start a fight. If he tells you the reason, accept it and make sure to do something about it. However, if his answer is somewhat unclear or he doesn’t want to give a straight answer, he could be falling out of love.

He suddenly becomes busy - most of the time

Is he “always” busy every time you call? Do you suddenly find it difficult to reach him or spend time with him? You’ll know that it’s time to have a talk when he starts to prioritize other things than you – his friends, his computer games, work. Clearly, there’s nothing wrong about him prioritizing other things than you but when his reasons aren’t logical enough, you’ve got a problem.

He's only interested in what's happening inside the bedroom

Your boyfriend only becomes really affectionate when he wants to do it and when you say that you’ve got a headache or you’re busy or you’re just not in the mood, he’ll be disappointed and angry. He’ll even make it an excuse to go out and be with his friends instead. When you feel that your boyfriend only wants to 'do it' and nothing more, you should realize that he doesn’t really love you the way you love him.

You're not doing anything right, he always says

He suddenly has something to say about how you do your hair, your make up or even the way you dress. There’s something wrong about the way you do the laundry or you have lost your magic in things. When he is always finding fault in whatever you do, it is definitely a telltale sign that he’s pushing you away.

He gets mad even with simple things

He becomes short-tempered because of many different things – his job, friends. Even the smallest details make him furious and complain about anything such as the hot weather or his bland food. If he becomes easily upset and you cannot determine the exact reasons, it could simply mean that he is infuriated not by these everyday things but by you and your relationship together.

Broken promises

From something as simple as fixing the broken faucet to taking you out on a romantic dinner, he often forgets (on purpose) his promises. Now, you need to ask him many times before he would actually do it. Simple – he has lost interest in anything that has something to do with responsibility, and even with you.

No more flattery

He used to admire your long silky hair and every time you excel on your career, he’s always there to support you. However, he has suddenly lost interest – in everything. He no longer appreciates the things you do or the way you are.

No talks about the future

He is not keen on talking about your future together – he becomes more selfish, so to speak. He stops being concerned about your feelings, he’ll do whatever he wants without consulting you. All he cares about is his work, his schedule, his hobbies and his friends. He’s even going out with new people and other girls without considering how you’d feel about it.

Your sweetness and being romantic suddenly irritates him

Being romantic and sweet to each other can definitely spice up any couple’s relationship. While these things could wear off at some point, there will always be playful and passionate moments between the two. Now, if he tends to reject your affectionate gestures, his feelings for you could be decreasing.

You stopped hearing sweet nothings

Saying ‘I love you’ is a significant part of the relationship and it should be said everyday. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting your relationship or you’ve been together for many years – you say ‘I love you’ not because it is an obligation, but because it is how you feel. Others may call it cheesy but the truth is, your boyfriend has fallen out of love when he cannot say these words anymore.

He brings up your past

There is nothing more painful than being reminded of those memories of the past which damaged you emotionally. It took you a great deal of time, tears and heartaches just to be able to forget the bitter past and if your boyfriend suddenly started bringing up your past every time you have a fight (even with the fact that he knows how you’d feel about it), there’s certainly something wrong with him and the relationship.

Once you have proven that your boyfriend does not feel the same way anymore, you’ve got to do something about it. Talk to him about how you feel and what you think about the whole situation. If you think that the respect has gone and there’s some kind of abuse going on, it is definitely time to give up. On the other hand, if the relationship can still be fixed and adjustments can be made by both parties, you can give him a second chance.