Tinchy Stryder IntroductionTinchy Stryder(56617)

In this review I will be telling you about Tinchy Stryder also known as S.I.T.H (star in the hood). His real name is Kwasi Danquah. Tinchy Stryder was born on September 14th 1986. Not only is Tinchy Stryder a rapper but he is also a singer, talent agent, record producer, music/video director, song writer, talent manager and a business man. He does grime, hip-hop, dance and R&B music. Tinchy Stryder is 1.55 metres (his height). Tinchy Stryder also went on the Uncle B tour with N dubz. The reason they came up the song title with number one was because the Uncle B tour was their first tour ever so they thought they’d make a song called number one.


Tinchy Stryder has made 4 albums so far which are called (in order) Star inTinchy Stryder(56616)the hood, Catch 22, Third strike and Lights, Camera, Action. Star in the hood came out on 13th August 2007 (album). Tinchy Stryder has his own clothing line called Star in the hood where you can get t-shirts, hoodies, Jackets, jumpers, hats and much more. Catch 22 was the successful Album that got more hits than any of the other 3 albums he made. Third Strike was released on November 15th 2010which was also a successful hit but not as much as Catch 22. Lights, Camera, Action was first released on 2011. Lights, Camera, Action sadly failed. The first song Tinchy Stryder played was featuring Dappy from N dubz and the song was called Spaceship. Let me tell you that Spaceship is a really great song.


Tinchy Stryder Songs List

Now I will be naming some of Tinchy Stryder’s song names. LandiTinchy Stryder(56618)ng, let it rain, silver and gold, never leave you, hold, hustle hard, follow, express yourself, exposed, dirty danger, dance 4 now, don’t go, catch em, champions, line em up, boy when I’m around, billionaire bandit, ball, broken, bring it, breakaway, breathe, walk this road, my last try, till the end, together, remember, let it rain, game over, never know, second chance, stereo, sun, gangsta, tomorrow, famous, in my system ,take the world, Stryder man, vevo, up in flames, up town, underground, take me back, on my own, oh no, number one (featuring Dappy from N dubz), mainstream money and much more. If you’ve never heard any of Tinchy Stryder songs, or some of the songs you can buy his albums also could hear the songs on you tube and then think about buying his albums, because you have to like the songs to really understand his songs.   


Tinchy Stryder Awards

Now I will be naming what awards Tinchy Stryder has won. In 2008 Tinchy Stryder came second place in an urban music award for best newcomer. He came first in urban music award for best video which was in his case Stryder Man. Tinchy Stryder came second in a MOBO award for best video which was in his case Stryder Man. In 2009 Tinchy Stryder(56619)Tinchy Stryder came second for all the MOBO awards for best album which was Catch 22, best song was number one (featuring Dappy from N dubz) and best UK act. He came second in an MP3 music award for the UGG award (Urban/garage/grime) which he chose never leave you featuring Amelle Berrabah from the Suggababes. He also came second place in urban music awards for Best single 2009 including UK and USA which was the song never leave you. In 2010 Tinchy Stryder came second for two MOBO awards for Best video in association with MTV base which was number 1 (featuring Dappy from N dubz) and UK act in association with Lebara mobile. In 2011 Tinchy Stryder came second place in BET awards of 2011 for Best international act: UK. So basically Tinchy Stryder came second in every single award accept one award which was urban music award for best video.


Tinchy Stryder’s best songs

Tinchy Stryder is also a big fan of Manchester United foTinchy Stryderotball team, infact he even told Manchester United F.C that he’s their lucky mascot. Now I will be naming Tinchy Stryder’s best three songs he made. His third favourite song is Take me back which if featuring Taio Cruz. His second favourite song is Number 1 which features Dappy from N dubz and his first favourite song is never leave you which is featuring Amelle Berrabah from a famous girl singing group called Suggababes. Some of Tinchy Stryder’s songs contain strong language but sometimes he raps so fast you can hardly tell that he is using the strong language unless you go on lyrics obviously. Carry on reading if you want to know some of the songs that are in his album Chart 22.  


Album Chart 22

Now I will be naChart 22ming some of the songs Tinchy Stryder has in his successful album Chart 22. Stryder man, Take me back (featuring Taio Cruz), number 1 (featuring Dappy from N dubz). Never leave you (featuring Amelle Berrabah from Suggababes), you’re not alone, I got soul. In this album Tinchy Stryder has many other songs which he has collaborated with other famous singers such as Chipmunk, Pixie Lott and other inspiring singers/singer groups. Tinchy Stryder has made Singles to give to many different types of charities for people who have no homes/shelter, no food, no money, no clothes and etc.  

Tinchy Stryder Interviews

Tinchy Stryder is so famous he actually got interviewedTinchy Stryder(56620) by Tim West Wood (one of the best interviewers ever) because of his fantastic single with Dappy (from N dubz) called Number one. Now I will be naming some of the radios and TV stations Tinchy Stryder has been in to talk about his albums, his songs and etc. He’s been in Radio 1, Kiss FM and many other TV and radio stations. Radio 1 and Kiss FM are really famous radio stations. In the album Catch 22 Tinchy Stryder has made two mix tapes which are called Star in the hood volume 1 and then he made Star in the hood volume 2. These two mix tapes have all of Tinchy Stryder’s best songs including Stryder man. I don’t know about you but I have really enjoyed telling you about the amazing singer Tinchy Stryder and I hope you have.

Tinchy Stryder Number 1 Featuring N dubz

Tinchy Stryder Ft Amelle Berrabah - Never Leave You