Tinea Versicolor (white tanning spots) is a fungus of the skin that is of the same nature that causes other annoying problems, like yeast infections and jock itch.  Preventing Tinea Versicolor is key as treating Tinea Versicolor can be difficult. Yeast is present on everyone's skin; however, when there is an abundance it causes the fungal infection called Tinea Versicolor. Most sufferers are not even aware they have this condition. The reason it seems more likely that tanners suffer from this condition is simple. The infected skin does not tan, so it is not apparent until one begins the tanning process. Many times people have had Tinea Versicolor for sometime and do not detect the problem until tanning. It might appear as a reddish rash on untanned skin.

The other reason that tanners suffer more from this condition is that warmth and moisture are believed to make the yeast produce at an accelerated rate. This making the conditions for developing Tinea Versicolor more favorable. Anyone uncomfortable thinking of this as a fungal problem can simply think of it as skin dandruff.


White Tanning Spots: Tinea Versicolor

How to treat Tinea Versicolor:

Treatment involves using antifungal products. This can range from over-the-counter products to those obtained by a doctor's prescription. For serious cases, or infections that will not show improvement with treatment after 2-weeks, should be consulted by a doctor.

Treat the area using a cream that is intended to clear up athletes feet or jock itch. Use the directions as suggest on the package.

A common treatment to use at home is by washing the body with a medicated dandruff shampoo, such as Selson Blue. Suds up the area with the shampoo and allow it to soak for about 10 minutes before washing off. This needs to be done at least once a day until the condition clears up.

It is very important to keep up the treatment. Just because the condition seems better, doesn't mean it's fully gone.

For prevention, wash the body with the dandruff shampoo method 3 times a week. It is very common that people who have this problem will get it again in the future. Try to avoid sweating and extreme heat. Tanning should be slacked off to allow the skin to heal, and future sessions should not include tingle tanning lotion and long sessions in very hot sun-beds. Try eating yogurt with active cultures, which is believed to be good for fungal infections.


Be sure to not confused the white tanning spots associated with Tinea Versicolor with those of pre-skin cancer or other skin diseases