Tinkerbell bathroom accessories are a great way to add a bit of pixie dust to your decorating. This fairy from Pixie Hollow has a way of bringing joy to wherever she is and this includes any room in the house that you decorate with her image.


There are many Tinkerbell bathroom items that you can choose to add to your décor. You can choose to change your entire bathroom from head to toe to include this fairy. You can also decide to use one or two pieces of these items to decorate with.

Tinkerbell Shower Curtains
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Tinkerbell Shower Curtains

When you are shopping for a Tinkerbell Shower Curtain, there are a few things that you want to keep in mind. The first one is the main color scheme of your bathroom. Not all Tinkerbell accessories use the same colors in them. Some are more purple while others might include more pink. You want to match the colors in your shopping choice with the other bath items that you will be using.


The other thing that you will want to take note of is how sheer the shower curtain is. Most of the time you will want to put a liner behind these more decorative options for your tub and shower. This will help to protect the image and give a bit more privacy.


There are great deals to be had on Tinkerbell shower curtains on amazon. You will also find a great selection of them there that you will not see in any other stores.

Tinkerbell Bath Towels
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Bath Towel Sets

Drying off from the bath will be much more fun when this fairy is on your towels. There are a few designs of these bath towel sets that you can choose from. You can also get a couple that way, you can change them out on the towel bar often.


One great decorating tip is to get a solid color bath towel and use that underneath the Tinkerbell bath towel on the bar. This will make the images stand out even more.


Tinkerbell Rugs


As you are shopping for floor coverings for your bathroom, you are going to notice that you can add a bit of pixie dust here as well. One of the things that you will want to pay attention to in the details is how the back of the rug is made. A non slip rug that washes up well will work best for your bathroom.


Bath Sets


Bath sets are basically your soap dispenser and toothbrush holders. Sometimes these are sold separately and others they are sold together when you are purchasing a design. You can get some great Tinkerbell bath sets online that will match the decorating that you are doing.


As you are shopping for Tinkerbell bathroom accessories, you will notice that your best place to make your purchases is online. The local discount stores carry but one of the many designs that you can find online and usually at a higher price. So order your Tinkerbell décor today so that you can spread some pixie dust as you do your decorating.