Tinkerbell figurines are a great item to collect for the Disney fan or just a fan of this little fairy. There is something great about this little companion of Peter Pan’s that has taken on a life of her own.


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Tinkerbell was once just a character in the Peter Pan story line. When Disney noticed how popular she was, they came up with a back story about who she is and where she came from. This lead to the many Tinkerbell movies that are available on DVD.


Now the collectors are calling out for statues of this amazing fairy. There are some great ones for you to choose from as you are shopping.

Snowbabies Tinkerbell Figurines
Credit: Amazon

Disney Snowbabies


Snowbabies have a large collector following of their own. When you add in the charm that is many of the Disney characters, you are going to notice that these figurines become that much more popular.


Tinkerbell Snowbabies come in a variety of designs that capture the flair that is this fairy with the adorable Snowbabies added in.


The image pictured here available from Amazon is a great show piece of this collaboration. This design has Tinkerbell playing the role of teacher at flight school. The Snowbabies angels are learning what to do to learn how to fly. This is adorable for Disney fans as well as any teachers that you may be shopping for.


Tinkerbell Birthday Figurines


Tinkerbell figurines are a great collectible for children. Many parents choose to start a collection for young children that they can add to as they grow. The Tinkerbell Birthday figurines are a great one to start. Each birthday year has its own design.  You can also get a great display case for the full collection once the child is fully grown.


Halloween Tinkerbell Figurines
Credit: Amazon

Halloween Figurines

You might not think about Halloween when you first think about this fairy. However, there have been some great collectible created around this holiday for here. The one pictured here has Tink on her broom and circling a pumpkin. This design is battery operated and does actually move.


Precious Moments Disney Collection


Tinkerbell figurines truly take flight in the Precious Moments collection. Just like with the Snowbabies, these statues are highly collectible just from the point of view of Precious Moments collectors. There are many different fairy designs that you can choose from when shopping this type as well that would fit in great with any Tinkerbell collection.


Tinkerbell figurines are a great collectors items to buy for yourself or as a gift. They capture the joy and happiness that is one of the great Disney characters. These items can easily be display so that you can share your collection with the world. There many great collections like Snowbabies and Precious Moments that include this one of a kind fairy in them. So make sure that you check out all of the great options at unbelievable deals that are available to you.