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Tinkerbell and her fairy friends are adored by children (and a large number of adults) the world over. Originally only a supporting character in the Peter Pan series of books and movies, Tinkerbell instantly become a massive hit with children who wished that they too could fly and spread some magic with a sprinkling of pixie dust. As one of the main icons for Disney, with her own movie franchise including Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure and her enduring popularity, the production of an Iphone/Ipod Touch game was a natural move by the Disney Corporation.

Disney Fairy Fly created by Disney, $4.99 from the Apple Itunes Store, available for the Iphone and Ipod Touch.

Disney Fairy Flies allows you to join with Tinkerbell and her other fairy friends to explore five unique worlds, each with 3 difficulty levels. The goal in each level is to fly Tinkerbell through the world, collecting the all important fairy dust and gathering powerups such as diamonds, pearls, flowers and acorns, while avoiding the natural enemies of the world such as bats, dead trees and thunderstorms to safely reach the end of each stage.

Tinkerbell Iphone Game

Controls are deliberately kept simple to allow the youngest fairy lover to play. Other than to select stages, no buttons need to be pressed. The game uses the Iphone/Ipod Touch's accelerometer function, where tilting the screen slightly up or down will move your selected fairy up and down to reach rewards and avoid obstacles. Tinkerbell and her friends fly forward at a consistent speed, moving faster on the more difficult levels, leaving the player to only control the up and down motion, which makes the game ideally suited to young children 5 and older.

The graphics used in this game are of the highest standard, as would be expected from a company such as Disney with their rich history in animation and storytelling. The full orchestral score, similar to what was created for the Tinkerbell movie, adds to the games immersion without becoming grating as your child plays this in the background for hours.

Being a Disney game, no player ever really loses. With the stages kept short and not only an infinite amount of lives but the game being structured in such a way to encourage players to try and help Tinkerbell again instead of being told that they have failed, this game ideally caters to its young audience. For a children's game, this title has a surprising amount of replayability, with the additional difficulty levels slowly make the game harder for children and high scores to try and beat. The major replayability factor though is the ability to unlocking an additional 'special' fairy, who can then be used to play through the game again.

My 5 year old and 7 year old cousins absolutely love this game and it has happily kept them entertained for hours. Even my wife, who is a fairy lover at heart, has been regularly seen playing this game on her Ipod Touch, proving that this game is perfect for not only the young girls in your life, but those who are young at heart.

Tinkerbell Ipod Touch Game


With the quality you would expect from Disney, Disney Fairy Fly allows girls of all ages to take control of TInkerbell and her fairy friends through a fun filled adventure through Pixie Hollow. With controls tailored for its young audience, outstanding graphics and sound, this is the perfect game for your little princess to live out their Tinkerbell fantasies. Customize your IPone with these bestselling Tinkerbell accessories from Amazon

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