Does your little girl just love Tinkerbell? Surprise her, then, with a Tinkerbell theme party for her birthday! There's a whole wide world of Tinkerbell party supplies available to help you bring the magic home for your little one. In this post, you'll find some great Tinkerbell party ideas, get an essential supplies checklist, and learn what you should expect to pay for these items while shopping.

Tinkerbell Party Supplies: Making Magic In Your HomeTinker Bell Centerpiece

Tinkerbell (or properly Tinker Bell or Tink for short) is one of those Disney characters that, no matter the generation, hits home with young girls. While the Disney princesses may get a lot of the spotlight, this famous fairy is just as beloved. The first time a young one gets to see her in Peter Pan, magic happens. Tink's the type of cartoon character that transcends the screen and becomes a childhood icon.

What a great way, then, to surprise a child who's fallen for this pixie than with a Tinkerbell-themed birthday party. It's destined to be a magical day full of fun - the sort of birthday that will stick with her for years. And to get started, you need the right Tinkerbell party supplies to bring the theme to life.

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Tinkerbell InvitationsThe Tinkerbell Party Supply Checklist

There's a whole world of magic surrounding Tinkerbell, and it's your job to make the theme ring true in your home. Below you'll find the essentials - the Tinkerbell supply musts - that will inspire and engage all the kids attending.

Tinkerbell invitations and thank you notes

You're going to want to start spreading the magic early, so invitations featuring Tink are a must. And Tinkerbell thank you notes are a great way to pay your respects to the families who came while staying in theme!

Tinkerbell tableware

You're going to need the staples: Tinkerbell paper plates, napkins, and cups. But beyond these, think about a Tinkerbell centerpiece. You'll need something that ties together the entire table and adds a special touch to the event. A great choice is a Tinkerbell centerpiece where she is rising up from a flower. It's a classic moment brought to life for the kids.

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A Tinkerbell cake

You can get creative here. There's many Tinkerbell cake toppers featuring different scenes. Some have Tinkerbell with other Disney fairies, while others feature Tink alone lounging in her pixie-like way amid a bed of flowers. One way to go about it is to choose your child's favorite flavor of cake, and then pair it with a cake topper that looks best with the icing color.

A Tinkerbell tiara

Your little one is going to need something special to show that it's her day, and a tiara featuring Tink is a great way to do it. Don't be surprised to see her wearing it for weeks on end after her birthday!

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Disney Tinker Bell Value Confetti (Multi-colored) Party AccessoryTinkerbell confetti 

Tinkerbell is a fairy known for her pixie dust. You're going to need some too, and confetti is just the thing for it. You can make your own or there are many varieties of Tinkerbell confetti available featuring Tink herself, stars, and metallic glitter.

Tinkerbell balloons

Seeing as flying is a big part of what Tinkerbell does, you'll need some Tinkerbell balloons floating around your space featuring her (and even some of her fairy friends).

Disney's Tinker Bell Wands (4 per package)Tinkerbell party favors

There are a lot of fun things you can give the kids attending your Tinkerbell theme party. How about a Tinkerbell wand for each girl and some fairy body glitter so that they can feel the part? It's a great way to get the kids interactive with the theme. 

Hanging ceiling swirls and Tinkerbell wall stickers

You can really reinvent your party space with these items. Paper ceiling swirls add an otherworldly touch to your decor and wall stickers give you an even bigger canvas by which to decorate. The clean up time on both of these supplies is very little, so feel free to go for it with the design!

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Tinkerbell Party Supply Prices

You can deliver a magical Tinkerbell party even on a tight budget. Few of these party supplies, even when they're sold in sets, top $10. The ones that do are the more ornate table centerpieces, cake toppers, and wall stickers, and the extra few dollars you spend there can really make a big impact.

However you envision your theme party, you've got a wide variety of products out there to help you out. Make sure you hit all the essentials listed in the checklist above, but let your imagination run wild, too. There are many ways that you can work with other great Tinkerbell party supplies that will bring even more magic to your big event. You can really make the party something unique and special. Your child's birthday is well worth it!