Sometimes at night you will hear a sound like ringing, buzzing, roaring or bells in your ear drum. It could be very faint or it could be extremely loud. It is a condition that can disrupt your everyday normal life and is really a nuisance. 

One thing this might be is Tinnitus. Many of us fog of this sound as nothing and in fact 9 times out of 10 it isn't.  Tinnitus does sometimes disappear after a while on its own, but for some it is an everyday occurrence and you need to learn to live with it.  Some of the reasons you could now be experiencing Tinnitus are as follows:

1.  ear wax in the ear canal

2. been listening to loud music

3. you have a foreign body in ear

4. ear infection

5. fluid in the ear

6. infection of the ear drum

So if any of the above reasons are the cause of your condition, then you might be able to get cured or even get some minor relief from Tinnitus.

 When you go to your doctor, he will do a physical exam of your ear and carry out some specific test which will decide if you have Tinnitus, he will also ask you about your medical history and ask you how long you've been experiencing these symptoms. This is to rule out other conditions such as hearing loss or vertigo. If you are lucky, your doctor will find out the cause of your Tinnitus and you will get it treated.  

If it doesn't get cured there are some things that you will be told to do, to avoid aggravating your Tinnitus. They will tell you to:

1. stay away from loud sounds

2. avoid salt, caffeine and smoking 

3. try to avoid stress

4.  don't let it run your life

5.  keep active and go for a walk or a cycle everyday if possible

6.  try to have noise in your background ie. television or radio on. This will avoid you noticing your  tinnitus more

7. avoid aspirin

All you really can do if you have this condition is try to cope with it and don't let it run your life.  This is my opinion on this condition, I am not a doctor and recommend anyone who thinks they have Tinnitus to get it checked out.