Best Lip Balms with Shea Butter, SPF Protection and More!

Make your lips luscious the healthy way with tinted lip balms. Tinted lip balms act as a flavored balm and a lipstick at the same time. They give of a hint of color making them “tinted”, they do not last as long as lipstick, but unlike lipstick it has properties that keep your lips moisturized, making them healthy. With just a hint of tint, tinted lip balms gives off the right amount of color making one exude her natural beauty.

Tinted lip balms are made up of waxy substance, usually bees wax or camauba wax. Other ingredients include camphor, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, paraffin and petrolatum. Other manufacturers have added something extra to cater for the other senses like flavors, fragrance, tints, menthol, phenol, salicylic acid, and sunscreens. The primary use of tinted lip balms is to relieve the lips from being chapped and dry. When applied they produce a layer in the surface which protects the lips from external exposure as lips are usually the first to indicate dryness. 


 The choices that are available in the market today are endless! Usually they are flavored nowadays and these flavors indicate what shade tinted lips balm will be, for example peach tinted lip balms have a fleshy color, cherry tinted lip balms are red, strawberry tinted lip balms are pink etc. Then there are those with added menthol of green in color. Most manufacturers also add nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and you can also find tinted lip balm with SPF that protects lips from the sun. Go for small dosages of SPF like SPF 15, anything that is in excess is not good. SPF 15 is just the right amount to keep lips guarded from being chapped. Tinted lip balms are also good in cold temperatures that also cause the lips to crack.

The Difference

What is the difference between lip balms, lip gloss and lipstick? Don’t confuse yourself with the other two. Basically lipstick and lip gloss are used as cosmetics. They focus more on making the lips visually appealing. On the other hand, lip balms’ main purpose is for protection of the lips. Tinted lip balms give you the best of both worlds. Because they are tinted, they add color like that of lipstick, but in a more subtle natural looking shade and because of the ingredients found in lip balms, they protect your lips from cracking and chapping. These conditions are just dreadful that in turn can cause pain or at worst, bleeding.

Nowadays, all, if not almost everyone carries a tube or cylinder container of lip balm. Pre-teens, teens, women and even men do so. But these products usually appeal more to the younger generation. Those who “use” their lips often find this product a necessity. Lip balms can be found in the market like wild fire. Cosmetic stores like Sephora, Mac, Mary Kay have these lip balms. Bath stores also have them like Bath and Body Works, and even grocery store counters. If you want very specific types of tinted lips balms you can always check online and see if they are available. The most famous and recognizable lip balm is Chapstick. Tinted lip balms cost an average of 2-4 dollars, sometimes even lower.

Make your own

If you want a tinted lip balm named after you, why not make your own? It’s relatively easy, all you need is a small container to put your lip balm on, a tube of neutral Chapstick or Vaseline, a small amount of lipstick, blush or eye shadow and a container to mix the ingredients in. The color of lipstick, blush or eye shadow you choose will serve as the color of your lip balm. If it is too dark, just break off a small piece to tone down the shade. You will then have to mix this with Chapstick or Vaseline in the mixing container. Keep adding and neutralizing until you get the perfect shade you desire. If you used eye shadow or blush, make sure that the powder is smoothed in. then put your mix in the tinted lip balm container making sure you don’t make air bubbles and viola! You have your very own home made tinted lip balm! Easy right? And since it’s personalized you get to wear yourself in the process. This is also a great way to experiment on shades especially if you can’t find the right shade of tinted lip balm to match or compliment your skin tone in stores.


Tinted lip balm protects and promotes your luscious lips to the world. Be ready in any kind of climate and situation and carry a tube or container of tinted lip balm to ensure the safety and welfare of your lips.