Tiny Tattoo Designs

LIttle & Simple Tattoos & Designs For You

tiny shoulder tattoo

A very small tattoo design can be a wonderful way to express yourself without being too loud about it. Tattoos often come with negative associations, and you probably want to steer clear of those. A tiny tattoo is easy to hide, but can also be very attractive when placed properly.

The amazing thing with small and simple tattoos is the fact that they often create a bigger impact that even large and intricate ones. 

This article is intended to show off some tiny tattoo designs and show some good places to put them on your body. Check out the photos as well, hopefully this will help give you some ideas!

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Keep Your Tattoo Design Simple

Small, Simple Tattoo Designs

tiny tattoo designs for women

The important thing with a tiny tattoo design is to keep your design nice and simple. With a tiny design, it will be much more difficult to pick out small details or intricate patterns, not to mention it will be hard to effectively tattoo them in the first place! (Unless your tattoo artist is very skilled!) 

Keeping your tiny tattoo design nice and simple will look better, be easier to implement, and will be easier for other people to recognize. (Trust me, you'll get tired of people asking what your tattoo design is!)

Another reason a simple design is important is you're going to have a lot of 'blank space' with your tiny tattoo design. By nature it's small, and there will be a lot of blank skin around it. For some unknown reason, human aesthetic is usually drawn to things that are clean and tidy. So keep your tiny tattoo design simple, and it'll look great!

Tiny Tattoo Design Placement

Small and Simple Tattoo Designs And Where To Put Them

little tattoos

Where should you put your tiny little design? There are a few good options. You don't want to put the tattoo anywhere that's out of place, like halfway around your arm, or halfway up your leg. You can, but these can look a little disjointed. 

Pick a specific location for your tiny tattoo design, such as your ankle, foot, hip, lower back, shoulder or neck. Somewhere with a perceivable center point is a good idea. The back of your neck, for example, has a recognizable center that lines up well with your hair and is centered by your shoulder blades. Your lower back is similar. Your shoulder and ankle are small enough for the design to look quite intentional.

What to Avoid With Tiny Tattoos

Small & Simple Tattoo 'Cons'

tiny tattoo design

If your tattoo design is truly tiny, I would avoid using anything with words or even lettering. They will just be difficult to make out, and you'll end up with people squinting as they closely examine part of your body... very uncomfortable!

Also lots of color can be tough to incorporate properly. If you do use color, stick to something simple, a single color or black and white works well. Avoid gradients or multiple colors, or it might end up just looking like an ugly bruise!

Hopefully this helps with your decision!