Are you looking to make money online? There are plenty of opportunities available depending on what you like to do or have a knack at. If you are a fan of listening to upcoming artists and givinSlice the Pieg criticism, why not check out

What is
Slicethepie is a platform for funding new artists who are trying to break onto the scene of the music industry. The site caters to scouts, who review artists to try and find talent (what you'll be doing if you follow this article to make money online), as well as artists and potential investors. You can make money online simply reviewing the music that you listen to in "scout rooms."

How do I get started?
To get started in your quest to make money on the Internet through Slicethepie,visit their sign-up link and register. Once you've gotten all your information on their system, you're ready to begin scouting! Click on the "SCOUT" tab and scroll to the bottom where you'll see scout rooms. Click on any scout room you would like and select the green "Scout now" button to begin earning your home-based income through Slicethepie.

Wait -- all the currency is in British pounds sterling.
Don't worry. The Slicethepie FAQ states:
Slicethepie is managed from the UK, but is open to Artists, Fans and Investors from everywhere in the world.

How do the scout rooms work?
A song will begin playing. All you have to do is listen to the song and, once 60 seconds are up, you can give it a rating and a review.

In order to make the most money the fastest, be sure your reviews are thorough and well-typed. You will get ranked higher and faster if your reviews are of a higher quality. Also, instead of waiting for the 60 seconds to end, open up Notepad and begin typing the review as the song is playing! That way, when the 60 seconds are up, you can be almost finished, or even completely finished, with your review, and just copy and paste it.

How much home-based income you get is directly proportional to your scout level. As you start out, you earn vouchers instead of cash, which can only be used to invest in artists. However, as your accuracy improves, the rate at which you'll make money on the Internet will improve greatly, and you can make up to 10 cents per song you review.

What is accuracy?
Accuracy basically reflects how your opinion of the artist compares with the popular perception. Users used to take advantage of the accuracy system by always rating artists mid-range scores, since the average is likely there. However, Slicethepie has now implemented a system known as the spread, which penalizes you if you do not award a range of scores over a period of 30 songs. The system is widely critiqued by the user base, but until the operators of Slicethepie can think of something better, the only way you'll make money on the Internet through Slicethepie is by learning to befriend the system.

Thus, it may be a good idea to keep track of what ratings you have given in the short-term, but ultimately the best tactic is to be as honest as you can about the ratings and reviews you give.

There you have it -- a good way to make money on the Internet through Slicethepie. Remember to give artists honest ratings and use the full range of rating available. Keep reviewing to get your scout rating high to increase the rate at which you make money online, and enjoy earning some additional home-based income while jamming out to some songs!