Although most horse riding events require the use of a riding helmet, there are many riders that can't stand wearing them, and will give you a hundred reasons why. But no one can totally predict a horse. No matter how well you know it.

This gives you that extra protection against a fall. You may think you would be ready for a fall, but this is not always the case. I am going to tell you a story, and am giving a brilliant review for the Tipperary helmet, model 8500.

My niece, who has loved and worked with horses since she was small, was riding in a local event at the local Fair a couple of weeks back. She had just purchased her Tipperary model 8500 in blue the day before. She had complained at the expense of this product, but little did she know that day, that the new head protection was going to make the difference between life and death.

tipperary riding helmet


She was in a pole bending event, which is a timed event that features a horse and a rider, and you run a weaving pattern around 6 poles in a line. This is a common event in rodeos and 4H events. You have to use your lower body to navigate the horse, and of course make good time.

It was after completing her event, and heading back fast with her horse to get good time, that her horse suddenly changed direction at the end (reason unknown) and she was not ready for this. She was thrown from the horse at a fast rate of speed into a hydro pole. Her head and right side took the brunt of this impact, and she doesn't really remember any of it. Witnesses said she hit it hard at a high speed and crumpled to the ground and did not move.


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your head is worth it!

Horrible Accident

 Medical personnel were right there and attempted first aid. She regained consciousness in the ambulance, but her right arm was severely broken at the humorous bone, and had to be set as it was a complicated fracture. She spent 3 days in hospital. The Tipperary head protection saved her head. Although she did hit hard enough for a concussion and to be knocked out, the result of that kind of impact without the protection would most likely have been fatal.

Her Tipperary took such an impact that it has a crack. She is thankful that she had just purchased this, and truly believes that it saved her life.

As experienced as she is with horses, this is a good example of how safety precautions such as riding helmets should always be worn. Young riders going to these shows, should see everyone wearing head protection, as a good example to new and young riders who don't want to wear them.

I live in a rural area, and I just saw horse riders in the field wearing baseball caps. They are not going to do you much good in a fall, or if you get thrown off your horse. I asked them why they don't wear riding helmets and they said, because "they know their horse". So, what happens if you horse is startled by a backfiring car? or rodent nests?.

Many riders think they are in total control, but it doesn't take but a split second for something to go wrong. My niece will not be back on her horse for a while yet, but she visits him all the time. She broke teeth with this impact, that is how hard she hit.

Use Head Protection

So, the Tipperary helmet, model 8500 is definitely proof that a riding helmet works. When she gets back on her horse she will be sporting a brand new Tipperary helmet again. You should not wear a helmet once it has been in an accident. That is why used ones, unless you know their history are not a good idea. The cost of one is nothing in comparison to the ongoing costs of keeping a horse. You can get a good rated one for under 100 hundred dollars, and I am sure your head is worth every penny!.

We are thankful she was wearing her new Tipperary that day. We do feel it saved her life. She has some healing to do, but I am sure will be back in the saddle again, and wearing new head protection.  

If you have any riders in your family, get them a Tipperary. Don't listen to the excuses of why they don't want to wear one. Although nothing can guarantee no injuries, a good piece of head protection can give you that "extra edge" of protection. Don't wait until you have had a fall to get one. Give a good example to new and young riders, and make a riding helmet a routine when riding.