So you are out for dinner in New York City...should you tip your waiter?
The answer is YES.
Because it's their salary, and even if you leave no tip, they still have to tip out the other employees at the end of the night based on their gross bills.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, how much should you tip and when? Use the following list.

1 ¢ : Waiter spills wine on your white shirt, excuses him/herself, disappears for 45 minutes, hands you a paper towel, then the bill.

0 - 5 %: BUFFET ONLY

5 - 10 %: Intentionally spiked food.

10 - 15 %: Waiter messes up 50 % of orders, doesn't apologize, no comped drinks, smirks when handing you the bill.

15 - 20 %: Waiter in training: Earnest effort, but things not as efficient as they could be.

20 - 25 %: Standard: Everything goes according to plan, no glitches, nice smile.

25 - 35 %: Excellent service: Waiter is attentive but not smothering, maybe gives you a free drink, comes up with creative food/wine pairings.

35 - 50 %: Waiter plies you with three to five aperitifs.