A well-functioning garage door is something many people take for granted. But when it doesn't open or close like it should, it creates major concerns that need to be addressed immediately. Garage doors in poor condition can become a safety hazard. It's therefore very important that you regulary maintaine everthying to avoid any inconveniences and accidents. Below are a few tips on how to maintain a garage door.

This is the first part of a garage door that you need to check. Inspect the springs to make sure none is broken. If the springs on a shaft above you are broken, then call a professional to replace them. Such springs are under pressure when the door is closed and repairing this type of system should not be attempted.

If the springs that stretch along the upper side tracks are broken, you can do the repair yourself. Visit your local hardware for the replacement parts and the necessary instructions. If you use this type of spring, make sure there is a safety cable that runs through the centre spring. This cable keeps the springs from flying around the garage in case it breaks.

*Hinges and rollers
Make sure the rollers move freely when twisted with fingers. Carefully examine the hinges throughout. Tighten any bolt and nut that have worked loose. Raise the garage door up before you examine the outside bottom brackets. The brackets hold the cables and they are connected to the springs. Ensure that the cable is secure to the bracket and bracket is tight. If you notice nay problem, do not fix it, but call a professional to make the necessary repairs.

All the moving parts should be lubricated to keep them working effectively. The roller trucks, rollers, latches, pulleys, hinges, springs and bearings must be lubricated as needed. Use a good lightweight oil to do this.

Rollers are the key components. By checking their performance, you can tell if they need any lubricant. If they are not turning smoothly, they need some lubricant. If they are damaged, they are quite easy to remove for replacement. Any weather stripping that is along the base or side of the garage door must be cleaned and also lubricated using a vinyl cleaner. This is to protect it from drying and cracking.

Make sure that you clean it at least once a year. This can be done more frequently if you reside in a salt-air climate. Dilute one cup of detergent in 5 gallons of warm clean water, then thoroughly wash, using a soft cloth. Rinse with a hose after soaping . For the wooden doors, clean the outer parts by wiping it with a clean, dry and soft cloth. The outside should be cleaned in a similar way, and if there are cobwebs or any other debris, they should be removed with the help of a broom.

*Regular upkeep
Finally, always make sure you regularly check your garage doors. Every homeowner with a garage should periodically check  the door out for any loose connections. If any, call a service technician for help. The ones made of wood will need to be painted every 2 to 3 years. Many homeowners paint them them selfes and only do the outside for decorations; however, these is is a mistake, the door should be painted on both sides to avoid warping.