In today's society, there are many pressures and stresses. Work, school, and finances are among the most notable reasons for our stress, and can lead to many medical ailments. Though we are entitled to vacations and days off, they do not always fill the need for rest and relaxation. Some people go for walks; some get their frustrations out at the gym, while others write their thoughts down in a journal. No matter what your 'vent' is, it is very important to your health. Not only do we civilians deal with stress, but our military's personnel are held to the highest of standards and they are subjected to some situations that not many citizens even want to imagine.

From basic training or boot camp to the aspects of a deployment, our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, Coasties and members of the National Guard, are put to the test not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. They are pushed by fellow comrades, and they push themselves to be the best they can be. When push comes to shove, the bars have been raised, and it is crunch time, they find a way to persevere and deal with what life has thrown at them. Finding inner strength is not always an easy task, and that is why it is very important to let our military heroes know that they are supported, missed and loved very much. There are numerous ways to show our gratitude for their hard work, perseverance and dedication to keeping us free, and these ways too, allow them to relieve some built up stress and pressures that come with the military way of life and will keep them healthy!

One of the best ways to help our men and women in uniform vent their frustrations is to send them care packages. Yes, most care packages contain non perishable foods, but if you put your creative juices to work, you can help give a little R&R to a very stressful day. Put together a themed care package such as "Movie Night", (popcorn, a popcorn bowl, dvds, gummy candies, plastic cups, powdered drink mixes), "R&R= Rock and Roll", (cds, posters of bands, headphones, portable cd player, karaoke microphone (these can be found in the toy isle of the local Walmart or Meijer), guitar picks, etc.) or "G.I miss you" to include pictures, letters, blank paper, pens, pencils, envelopes and stamps. You might also send a package with the theme "Take me out to the Ball Game". This particular package should be filled with sunflower seeds, a few baseballs and a few gloves, bubble gum (the kind that comes in pouches), baseball cards, a hat or shirt of his or her favorite team, and the sports section from the local newspaper. By sending care packages with these fun things, you are allowing them to take their mind off of the stresses they endure on a daily basis and you too, while putting the packages together will get your mind off of your stresses.

The internet too, is a tool used by almost everyone to communicate. With the endeavors to keep people in touch with each other, social networking sites such as myspace and facebook are among the most popular. Each site has groups that people of common interests can join. On facebook for example, there is a group called "10,000,000 Strong for Our Troops!". This is a group that welcomes members that are in the military as well as anyone that supports our heroes. In this group, you will find people giving others advice, you will see the discussions of important issues dealing directly with our military and their well being as well as fun things. Over this particular group, and many like it, give the men and women of our armed forces a place to go and talk with people that may be going through the same situations as they are. By talking with other people, they are assured how much they are supported, they are given advice by fellow brothers and sisters in arms, and overall, their morale is boosted.

No matter if you are sending a care package or simply stating "Thank you" in a group on a social networking site, you are helping our brave military to find their inner strength as well as helping them to have a little rest and relaxation until it is time for official 'liberty' or 'freedom'.

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