So you have been in a long-term relationship and now suddenly you find yourself single and back into the dating game. Here are some tips on how to get back into the dating game and get some successful dates, even if you have been out of the dating lifestyle for many years. The main point to take away is to relax, have fun, and not rush or force any relationship. Let any potential relationship move to the next level on its own accord.

1. Friends


There are a lot of dating websites on the Internet, but friends are often the best way to get a date. You may have been in a relationship for 10 years and the suddenly found yourself single or divorced and getting back into the dating game can be very intimidating.  Maybe you have been in a relationship for so long that you have never used the Internet for dating. You may find putting a profile of yourself on a dating website to be very intimidating. You will eventually get more comfortable with using dating websites, but for now let your good friends introduce you to someone new for a date.

Oftentimes your best friends will know your personality and be able to hook you up with someone with a similar personality. You need to know that you are looking to go out on a date and get your feet wet. The odds are you will go on dates with many different people until the right person comes along. Don’t force or rush into a new relationship. You may still be heartbroken over your last relationship and now is not the time to begin a new relationship yet; however on the same token you also do not want to sit around moping, crying, and feeling sorry for yourself. You will be much better off going out to dinner on a date and going mini golfing or dancing then you will be sitting at home with your head buried in the pillow crying over the past.

2. Use a Picture

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In today’s age people use the Internet to meet people and to hook up for dates. Many people that are newly single and never used the Internet for dating may feel very intimidated about putting up a profile on a dating website such as Plenty of Fish. You may feel that people you know will see your profile and laugh about your situation. Don’t worry about that. In today’s world it seems that more people use Internet Dating websites then send snail mail using the Post Office.

You must use a current and accurate picture of yourself. If you do not put up a picture then you will get no responses. It does not matter if you are a super model or a freckle faced redhead with a lot of extra pounds, a picture will help you to get results.

3. Booty Call

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Sometimes you simple need some intimacy and want a friend with benefits set-up with no emotional attachment. Whether you are a guy or girl, you can find “friends with benefits” using traditional dating sites; however men are better off using a website designed specifically for meeting women for casual encounters.

4. BBW Lovers


A lot of newly single women are intimidated with dating because they are bigger women. Here is the the great news for you large ladies that are newly single, there are millions of guys that love big beautiful women and the Internet is the best way to network and meet guys that love a woman with chubby and fat curves.

5. Church


Many newly single people love being in a relationship and would like to find the next person that they could marry or get into a deep long-term relationship. These people will often go to bars to meet women, but depending on what you lifestyle and values are, you may be better off going to church to meet single women. You can definitely meet new women at bars and potentially have a long-term partner, but your odds may be better if you go to church, especially if you have kids and family is the most important priority in your life, even if you are currently a single parent.

6. Be Honest


When you meet someone and go on multiple dates, it is vital that you are honest with them about what you would like in a partner. If you pretend to love chicken and she loves to cook chicken, then you will run into problems down the road when she gets mad at you for not eating chicken. That is minor, but if you have kids and your kids spend the summer and holidays with you, then you need to be upfront that your lids will be there and if it is a problem then we can end the relationship now because your kids are and always will be the most important thing in your life.

If you want to live in the Country and your date has a dream of living in New York City, you need to be honest about it. Maybe you can come to an agreement if things progress to a more serious level in your relationship, but both parties need to be upfront with their needs, wants, and desires in a partner.

7. Have Fun

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Not all Dates will lead you to that person that you will want to eventually marry, but you can try and enjoy every single date you go on. Maybe the blind date you are on is not working out the way you want, but the odds are if you remain friendly your date for the night may have a friend he or she would like to introduce you to. Maybe the date is not what you were expecting, but always be polite and courteous and thank them for going on the date with them. If you do not want another date with them then be honest with them, but be nice and polite about it.