Getting a date may have seemed difficult, but if you are not ready for the first date the entire process is fruitless. You need to seem interesting to her because if you are not there will be no second date ever. If you had some issues in the past getting a second date read on and you may find what the problem was.

A Parl Is A Perfect First Date

Pick The Right Place

There are some dates which are perfect and others which are a really bad idea. Instead of telling you what is a good choice for a date and what is not, we will tell you what you want to look for in the perfect spot for a date. Here are some of the things that you want for a date.

  • A place where you can talk
  • A place that is not too loud
  • Something that you both will enjoy
  • Nothing too raunchy

Make sure that you talk to her before setting up a date so that you know what she likes and what things you have in common. The first conversation is incredibly important even if it is a short one. Pay attention and organize the date according to what you know about her.

Give Her Choices

You should make sure that she has a say on where the first date will be. In order to do that, think of a couple of places where you think she would enjoy to spend some time with you in. When setting up the date tell her that you were thinking of both places and see which one gets her the most excited. The reason you should give her a choice is that the happier she is during the date, the more likely it will be that she will enjoy the time with you and want to do it again.

Let Her Talk

So you like cars and comic books, but you already know that. What you are looking for is information on her. You want to know as much as you can about her. While not too many people admit it, the fact is that when they refer to someone as great in conversation they usually mean a good listener. Ask questions about what she is telling you. The questions should be general and don’t ask yes questions. Instead of asking “Do you like roller coasters?” which can only lead to a yes or no answer, ask “what amusement park rides are your favorites? The second question requires a more complex answer, so even if she does not like amusement parks she will tell you why.

Keep Your Hands To Yourself (Almost)

The first date is not the time to get too touchy-feely. Keep the idea of a kissing until the end of the date, but little subtle touches are great. As she walks through the door of a café or restaurant let her walk first and place your hand as to help her in on her lower back. By placing your arm as a hug when standing next to her you will find out if she is comfortable enough with you. If she is not you must dial it down a bit; she may just not be ready yet, but that does not mean she won't be soon. Do not play footsies under the table (unless she starts it) but a little “accidental” brush with your foot is another subtle touch which will tell you how comfortable she is.


There is no need to lie on a first date, if you do not want to talk about something then simply avoid the subject. A lot of guys feel that they have to exaggerate when talking about themselves, but that is an easy way to get caught. If you say something which is not true then you will probably either forget it in the future or you will have to add more lies to cover the first one you told. It is not worth the hassle so it is way better to stay honest when talking to her.

Dress Appropriately

You should also make sure that you dress well for your date. Some guys feel that they should not need to change the way they dress if they want more date, and those are the guys that are home Saturday night. No team jersey or superhero logo t-shirt. Go with something plane and try to wear good shoes for the date. Also make sure that you at least have one nice watch (you will not have to spend $1500 on that watch, but at least it should look nice) and that you wear it for the first date. Your grooming is very important so make sure that your hair and teeth look good and that you smell even better.

By doing all those little things you will be making it more likely that your date will be a success and that you get a second one when you call her or email her in a couple of days.