Tips for Better Pull Ups


What are the benefits of pull ups? Here’s the answer – there are a number of benefits really. Pull ups can give you stronger shoulder and back muscles, improve your grip strength by helping you develop stronger forearms, and the exercise can help you gain mass rapidly as well. But it can only help you if you know how to do them correctly.


The fact is, almost anyone can do them. And it is also a fact that, some people will face problems when starting out. So if you are a beginner, and facing problems, do not worry too much. You probably do not have the strength as of yet. Do not lose hope, keep doing it, and in time, you will begin to see the results. Gradually increase the number of times you do pull ups, and also make it more challenging to get better results.


To get the best results, and to make it safe, you must do it correctly. So, here are some tips to help you.


Tips for Better Pull Ups


  • Regular grip pull ups – Keep your hands on the bar, and your palms should face away from you. Haul yourself up till the time your chin has reached over the bar. Now gradually, move to the hanging position.
  • Negative pull ups – As mentioned above, beginners might find it difficult to bring them up because they are lacking in the required strength. They can try the “negatives” or the half pull-ups instead. Just stand on top of something and try to put your chin on top of the bar. Of course, you can also seek the help of a spotter who will push you up, if you are trying to do this at the gym. Now, lower yourself down slowly. Keep your arms stretched as you grasp the bar. This way, your arms will gradually learn how to take your weight.
  • Assisted pull-ups – If you are trying to do this, it means that you have already started to perform pull-ups efficiently. Remember, the bar should be about 3 to 4 feet above you. Now, try to grab it by sitting under it. Keep your hips and back straight and bend the knees by keeping the feet on the ground. Now, pull yourself up to reach the bar with your chest. Repeat this for a few times.
  • Pull-downs – Grab the bar while you are sitting down, and then pull it towards your collar bone. But do ensure that the bar is in front of you. Some people will do this behind the neck as well. But this is arguably more dangerous for your shoulders and neck, so don’t take the chance.


Quite simply, better pull ups will give you better results. But you should remember that you must not expect immediate results – it always takes time. And it is also important that you are able to do the exercise safely   Just follow the directions given above, and you should get the results you want soon enough. If you can only do pull ups at a gym, then it worth considering about a portable chin up bar as this will allow you to do pull ups at home without having to make the effort of attending the gym.