Baseball Glove

Baseball is one of the most important sports in America with a deeply rooted history. Most Americans have a team they faithfully support no matter how they perform and which they tend to pass on to future generations. Thus it is not unusual to find family gatherings on Sundays throughout the country with the sole purpose of “watching the game” and “supporting the team”. Most kids and many adults play baseball unprofessionally in their spare time ... be it in a team or just catch with a friend or family member in the back yard. No matter what your league, you would do well in finding the glove that’s optimal for you. Not only can the wrong glove lead to you being more prone to injuries, but it will most likely drastically decrease your performance on the field. There are several things you should keep in mind when buying the right baseball glove for yourself, a family member or friend. Below you will find some recommendations, but bear in mind, that you will be best served by consulting a professional or coach.

  • Age – It is vital to keep in mind the player’s age. As a person grows up, he is bound to have his own preferences. But until he does develop it, parents will be responsible to find the optimal glove for their children. Especially here the size of the glove should be kept in mind; kids younger than 8 years of age often are more comfortable with sizes 9” or 11” while older kids would often do well with size 11” or 12”.
  • Comfort – Make sure that the baseball glove fits perfectly and that you don’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it. Besides getting a glove of the right size, the material plays an important role, too. Make sure it will not take too much effort to “break”, but don’t go for the cheapest solution either, as it will most likely be made of a low quality plastic and thus be unlikely to survive many games. Furthermore, catching a baseball thrown from a decent pitcher with such a glove will hurt and might even lead to injury. Keep in mind your position in the game and then chose if an open or close back glove best suits you.
  • Right-handed or left-handed – A glove is basically worn on the non-dominant hand so that you can easily throw the ball with your dominant hand. Make sure that your non-dominant hand fits the glove perfectly.
  • Type of material – There are different types of materials used for the construction of baseball gloves resulting in differences in feel, durability, looks and quality. Synthetic leather is a good choice for young and aspiring players. Softened and oil-treated leather comes with an easy break-in option. Premium leather, and the name says it, is associated with quality leather and longevity.

Once you’ve decided what type of a baseball glove you would like to buy, it is time pick the specific brand and product that best fits you. A good glove makes or breaks a player’s performance, so make sure that you make a good choice and that you keep all of the above mentioned in mind. You can your glove online or visit any sporting goods store and view their collection. In fact, if you are unsure about the size and material of the glove you require, it might be best to go with option two, as you will be able to try it on and feel it for yourself.

You can always depend on Rawlings when it comes to baseball gloves as they have a wide range of gloves and though they might be a little costly they are durable and “break” easily so you, or your loved ones won’t have to struggle with it too much at the beginning.

  • Rawlings Playmaker Series PM 110TSmight cost you more than the average glove but you can be sure that you’re playing with one of the best gloves available on the market. The glove is flexible and great for players who are just starting the game.
  • The Wilson A2000 is a great choice as well. Though the price might put you in doubt at first site, keep in mind that you can hardly go wrong with a Wilson glove, as they’re known for their quality. This glove in particular is made of high quality leather that should ensure a great look and durability. Furthermore, the linings are claimed to keep your hands cooler and drier than conventional gloves

No matter which glove you end up selecting, it’s crucial that you give your glove optimal care and maintenance, to improve its durability.

  • Keep your glove in a dry place
  • Oil it appropriately once before each session
  • Keep the laces of your glove always tight