Important Points To Consider When Choosing A Web Host

Once you have decided on a domain name,[1] the first step in getting your website[2] up an running is acquiring the services of a web host to allow users to access and view your website by providing a “designated space” on the world-wide web. However, with the many hundreds of web hosting companies in the marketplace, it is wise to use caution when choosing a service provider.[3] 

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When in pursuit of a potential provider, there are some important points to consider in your evaluation. Be sure to ask questions if you are not familiar with the technical aspects and terminologies used within the online industry.

As you shop for a provider, examine the web hosting package that each company presents. If you are seeking additional features, carefully review their premium packages.  While an upgrade may cost a bit more more than a basic plan, the perks are often more than worth the added cost.

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Avoid free web hosting sites.[4] Free sounds great, but your pages will appear over-whelmed by the advertisements that generate revenue for the hosting company. Free is not free when it detracts from your product or service.

Make sure the plan you choose provides adequate storage space for your site’s music, videos, images and text. Although some web hosts erroneously describe their offerings as “unlimited disk space and bandwidth”, there is no such thing. Each service provider has an allotted amount of space. Exceeded bandwidth and low disk space can cause your site to crash and be unavailable.

Evaluate how the host provides website security. A vast amount of personal and confidential information is exchanged online. When it comes to online transactions, website security is paramount. Inquire about the host’s procedures and any polices that are in place to ensure that your website is safe and secure from hackers that prey on identity related issues. Ask how your stored information is handled and processed in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Question the web host’s contingency plan in the event of a security breach.

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Determine if web hosting offers an anytime, money back guarantee if you become dissatisfied with their services. Make sure that the company you select offers 24/7 technical support. Technical “glitches” can happen at anytime. Make sure that your site will not be “down” because technical support is not available on the weekend or after hours.

As a consumer, be aware that web hosting companies are engaged in a business designed for profit. Carefully evaluate their promotions, products and services offered to convince buyers to sign up for the service before selecting a web hosting company. Practice due diligence when choosing your web host and your new web site or blog will be off to a good start.