Find The Best Whelping Boxes For Your Pet With Comparison Shopping

So your beloved pet is expecting babies soon and you are probably beyond excited in anticipation of the upcoming delivery. Animals have a tendency to hide when they are ready to whelp, and they have been known to choose some interesting locations to birth their offspring. Some animals will find a place in the closet, the basement or under your bed. Even worse, some animals may choose to whelp their litter on your bed which can create a huge mess that could be impossible to clean completely. To prevent this from happening, you should buy a whelping box to provide your pet with a secure place to whelp and care for her offspring.

I remember when my dachshund, Annie had her miniature dachshund puppies, we used a simple box made out of cardboard. We had just moved and had plenty of good sturdy boxes to choose from. After taping up the bottom of the box and cutting out an opening, we had a great beginning of a dachshund whelping box. We then lined the bottom of the box with old clothing and rags that we didn't need and it made a very inexpensive whelping box that was made using materials that we already had. Whelping boxes can be simple, like our cardboard box or they can be more complex and expensive. If you don't want to make your own whelping box, you can purchase one at your local pet store or local pet supply warehouse.

Whelping boxes are available in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Be sure to choose a box that will not only suit your whelping needs, but will also suit your budget. Some of the better whelping boxes are made of a durable plastic material that will allow for complete disassembly and cleaning in between litters. This can be a great idea, considering that puppies can be very messy, especially after a few weeks of using the same box to live in. You can also purchase similar boxes that are constructed out of wood. Some of the more creative manufacturers even have whelping boxes that are constructed to look like a bed or castle, for the most discriminating pet owners.

Before you  make this investment, you will need to decide if this will be the only litter or if you will have multiple litters in the future. This can help you decide what grade of box you need to purchase, which can help determine how much money you will need to invest. Whelping boxes are available in sizes large enough to provide a place to birth for a great dane and small enough to provide a place for toy breeds. Whelping boxes for toy breeds are small and compact and can fit in just about any safe, quiet corner in your home.

Consider purchasing a whelping box with raised flooring to help keep any waste or moisture off of the floor of your home. The whelping process can be very messy and while the mother will usually take care of most of the mess for you, there is still moisture that can cause damage to your carpet or floor. You can usually purchase whelping box liners that go in the bottom of the box. These liners usually have an absorbent surface and a water proof bottom to allow for the collection of dog urine or other fluids. Simply remove the puppy pad or liner and replace it with a clean one and dispose of the old liner.

Once you purchase your whelping box, introduce your pet to the box as soon as possible. This will help ensure that your expectant pet becomes comfortable with the box and will be willing to use it when the time comes to whelp. Despite a proper introduction, there is a chance that your pet will not take to the box and attempt to give birth elsewhere. Keep a good eye on her, and when she shows signs of whelping, take her to the whelping box as quickly and gently as possible. Hopefully, if the timing is right, she will use the whelping box to give birth and to care for her newborns.

Whelping Boxes

A whelping box provides a secure place for your dog to birth.