Many women neglect their bodies during pregnancy, easy to do as it becomes near impossible to exercise and way too difficult to bother doing things that would otherwise be part of the regular beauty routine, like shaving your legs. As a result of this beauty maintenance neglect, a pregnant women's self-esteem might lower, or be up and down, in addition to the hormones.

It is natural for a pregnant woman to feel uncomfortable or unhappy with her body during pregnancy, and sometimes she just needs to feel beautiful. If you are one of these women or you know one of these women, try or suggest some of these tips to maintain a healthy self esteem concerning the changing body.


Make an effort to maintain your appearance. Rather than slouching around in your pj's, trackies and over-sized t-shirts, do your hair, put on some makeup, and a nice dress or leggings. If you look better you will feel better about yourself and better prepared for the day.

Pamper yourself. If you don't have a foot-spa, get one, this will come in handy when your feet get sore during pregnancy, and your feet WILL get sore during pregnancy. Buy scented oils to put in the foot spa, foot lotions, and paint your toe nails.

Take long soaks in the tub. Ideally with bath salts, candles, maybe even a tv, movie and some chocolate. This might just help to relax you and make you feel pampered.

Invest in your skin. Be aware of how much strain your skin is going to be under around certain parts of your body, you should take extra care of your skin during pregnancy. Invest in some good quality moisturizer body creams and oils, and take the time to massage the creams thoroughly into your skin to minimize or avoid the potential damage as much as possible.

Get out of the house. While it might be more comfortable to sit around the house, boredom is likely to set in at some stage which could make you feel depressed, or start picking holes at yourself. When your beginning to get bored a lot a home, go do something, even if it's just to go for a walk and buy a piece of cake. Getting out of the house regularly is healthy for you mentally and physically, and is bound to help keep you feeling good.

Eat fruit and vegetables. The healthier you eat, the higher your energy levels will be, and eating healthily will help to maintain the condition of your body and skin.

Exercise. Although it might be difficult to do any kind of exercise it's better to do something quick and easy than nothing at all, even if it's just a bit of light walking. I recommend doing some yoga poses that are specifically designed for the pregnant woman.

Don't get too lazy. Keep your space of dwellings clean and tidy, having a lot of clutter and mess around you can affect you mentally in a negative way, also laziness provokes laziness.


Preventing and treating stretch-marks

Furthermore i would like to share that what particularly upset me personally as a result of my changing body during pregnancy was the appearance of stretch marks. Being particularly body conscious i used several different moisturizer and oils on my skin, multiple times daily to avoid getting stretch marks in the first place. However i did not manage to get away unscathed, and the marks initially bothered me a great deal.  Everyone's skin is different and some may manage to dodge those damn stretchies, while others won't despite making the effort.

As soon as i noticed the stretch marks i began treating them immediately and they faded fast, soon diminishing to the point of being unrecognizable. I will tell you what i did, and i suggest that you try this also if you have this skin issue as a result of pregnancy. Also you should be aware that the sooner you begin treating stretch marks the better, they are easier to get rid of if you begin treating them when they are fresh.

My most helpful implement in removing the stretch marks was a derma roller. If you have not heard of these a derma roller is a small hand-held device that consists of a handle with a roller head on it that is covered in tiny needles with microscopic points. Don't be afraid of it, it does not hurt and it will be your best friend if you aim to remove stretch marks. The derma roller might be slightly uncomfortable when you initially begin using it, but your skin will quickly become accustomed to the slight prickling sensation.

What the derma roller does is the needles penetrate the epidermal layer of skin (beneath the surface where the scar tissue originates). The needles separate the pores/cells in the epidermal layer of skin which for one produces collagen, creating more elasticity in the skin. Secondly it allows skin care products to soak more deeply into your skin so that you reap the benefits of them far more than what you would if you are to simply apply skin care products to the surface of your skin. It is alledged that using a derma roller in conjunction with skin care products will allow the products to soak into your skin up to 90% more.

As far as skin care products for repair go, it's best to use a variety of them rather than relying solely on one. I recommend using a vitamin A & E cream, Bio-oil, snail cream, cocoa-butter & rose hip oil. You can create a mixture of these products, blending them together if you wish for easier application.  Take the time to massage the skin repair products into your skin thoroughly, the stimulation through massaging in the products will also help to prevent and reduce cellulite.

First use the sterilized derma roller on the affected area, rolling over the area 4 times; vertically, horizontally, and diagonally from 2 opposite angles, then apply your products. Use the derma roller every day for 5 days of the week, taking a break from it for days before you resume. Apply the skin care products immediately after derma treatment, and then ideally another 1-2 times throughout the day. This process is going to add a bit of time to your beauty routine, but you will be glad that you did it in the end.

Remember that pregnancy is not forever, and when your feeling down or uncomfortable within your changing body, make an effort to improve your mood rather than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. I recommend that you utilize some of these simple beautifying tips to help you keep feeling good about yourself.