It seems to be a continuing trend that many Americans are in search of the perfect face and body to match their ideal lifestyle. They will oftentimes save up paycheck after paycheck for the pricey procedures and spend even more time in caring for themselves afterward. However, to save money, there is also the option of looking to getting cosmetic surgery abroad.

The advantages of getting cosmetic surgery abroad is the deeply discounted rates for cosmetic procedures, meals, room and board and also the opportunity to do some sightseeing in a foreign country after completely healed from the procedure. Some insurance companies and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) will not cover elective plastic surgeries, or will charge alarming rates with a large deductable fee. Although the patient must personally pay for the procedure, the total amount is much more affordable than paying for it in the United States. Whatever the surgery they are considering, there are also things to look for when booking cosmetic surgery abroad.

Here are some things to look for when booking cosmetic surgery abroad:

Costs and Standards of Your Health

  • The cost of cosmetic procedures is much more affordable because the wages of these physicians and registered nurses are much lower than those working in the United States. Keep this in mind when comparing prices for these surgeries in different countries so there isn't an extremely affordable price, but with shoddy people performing the surgery.
  • Consider personal standards of care for post-surgery and recovery time. If there are certain personal preferences from the United States that can't be found in foreign countries, keep this in mind before booking your procedure.

Making a Trip of Your Surgery

  • Affordable cosmetic procedures can be found in all parts of the world. However, if there is a plan to make a vacation out of the stay, make sure to focus on regions of the world that offer many great tourist attractions, well-appointed hotel rooms and concierge amenities to help plan excursions.
  • When considering the many exotic places for a cosmetic procedure, also keep in mind its peak season for tourists. Depending on the time of year, hotel rates, airfare and other daily expenditures could be extremely expensive. Do plenty of research to find the best deal, not only for the cosmetic surgery procedure, but also for room and board.

Hidden Costs and Accommodations

  • Be on the lookout for hidden costs when planning for a cosmetic procedure abroad. If a cosmetic procedure requires "revision" operations, make sure the price is all inclusive. The worst possible scenario is having to go back abroad for a corrective surgery or second round of operations.
  • If traveling abroad alone, ask the service team if they offer a concierge service or a nurse after the procedure. Much care is needed post-operation and many of cosmetic surgeons abroad offer these amenities while under their care.

Other Considerations for Your Surgery

  • Consider the time after the cosmetic procedure and the flight back home. Airplane rides to foreign countries vary in just a few hours, to close to 20 hours so plan accordingly so the comfort level is never compromised. Sitting in a small chair and eating mediocre meals after a strenuous surgery is not the way to start a post-operation recovery time.
  • Consider language barriers when booking cosmetic surgery abroad. Make sure the surgeon, nurses and staff is fluent in English so there are no miscommunications or hindrances during the procedure.