Telemarketing, telesales can also be known as ‘cold calling’. It is a service activity used by a salesman to sell his product or services to potential customers over the phone. Through this service, the entire process of ‘closing a sale’ is completed during the phone call, and that includes the payment.


Being a salesman on the phone is different from doing it face to face. The main role of a telemarketer is to generate sales from outgoing or incoming calls. For some telemarketers, their objective is to book an appointment with you to meet up with their direct salesman.

All professional or experienced telemarketers will share the same similar qualities. They include, self motivation, determination, professionalism, open minded-ness, quick thinking, persistence, enthusiasm, sense of humour, and not afraid of rejection. These qualities are somewhat similar to that of a salesman.

Remember, telemarketing is a numbers game. That means that the more hardworking and persistent you are, the more calls you make, thus the more successful you will be. As you are making call after call, keep your phone in hand and hang up by manually pressing the button, instead of putting down the phone. This exercise trains you to be fully focused on calling more people, rather than hanging up and going for a short break between each call.

As you are talking to customers, within the first few seconds you will somewhat know whether if the person is a potential customer, or he is simply not interested. Time is extremely valuable when you are a telemarketer, and thus you should not waste your time trying to change their minds. You have to learn to recognize the situation if the person isn’t interested, or he may be able to be persuaded. This will clearly separate the line between success and failure in your field, and also saves you a lot of frustration when dealing with people.

Your Sales Script

Every salesman should have their own sales pitch, and that applies to telemarketers too. You will want to create your own sales script for your own reference during calls. You won’t want to read directly from it, as it will make you sound unnatural. Rather, use it as a guide in point form to refer back to in case you need help.

Every skill needs adequate practice to be mastered. Aside from your actual working calls, you should record yourself so you’ll know what you sound like when you replay your recordings. Practice rehearsing your sales pitch over and over until you are well versed in it.

The main question to ask yourself or a friend: Are you willing to buy the product from yourself? If the answer is no, then your customers probably feel the same. You have to create the good emotions and make the product appealing to your customer. Make them believe that they are missing something in their lives and they need to fix it, and you have just the right product to help them.


The voice of a telemarketer is vital, as there is no physical image of the salesman, so the customer can only create the image of the salesman through voice alone. Unlike physical sales, there’s no smartly dressed representative to see, no product to test.

When speaking to your customer, expect to have the quality of your sound lost through transmission of the phone call, thus causing a misinterpretation of your meaning.

To counter this, make sure to use simple words when speaking to your customer. Speak clearly, slowly and be sure to use correct pronunciation so there’s no misunderstanding of your words.

Many people have the problem of speaking too fast, and it feels like you’re ‘attacking’ the customer with your sales pitch. Create deliberate pauses when speaking, and vary your tone (instead of having a monotonous voice). It makes you sound more interesting.

As you are talking to people over the phone, relax while speaking. Your attitude will be expressed in the way you speak. A relaxed tone will be reflected in your voice and to the customer.